Fourth of July Weekend Fun

Hi friends and happy Monday! We had an amazing weekend and we hope you did too. We did our best to have the most amazing fourth of July possible, and I think we did a pretty darn good job of making that happen. Ella had a blast and was literally bouncing off the walls all day long... It's like she knew it was a special day! :)

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If you missed it- on Friday I shared our favorites but I also shared our Summer bucket list!!! It's a fun little list that I think we can make happen, even during a pandemic ;)! As for our weekend, I just enjoyed it so much. I love holidays and being festive. While this year was not our typical Fourth of July weekend, we still did our best to make it fun for our little family and practiced social distancing! 


A little red white and blue breakfast to start our day! :) I loved it, Ella was not a huge fan. She is getting so picky with her eating lately. Peep my cute apron, which you can find here (and currently on sale for less than $10.)


Ella got dressed up in her festive outfit from Carters and had a little apple for a snack. 

We took a little family walk down at Gum Grove park where Ella ran around like her typical crazy self.



It was so sweet and fun, just watching her run around and have a blast. Her cute outfit was just killing me.

Ella was loving up on me during our walk and that NEVER happens so I had to document. 

Here's Michael walking her back to the car. She was just cracking up! 

 After our hike we went for a little walk down to the beach. It was closed over the Fourth, but the walking path was open.

Ella really wanted to go play in the sand but we had to stop her. It's hard for her because she doesn't understand when we tell her why we can't go. There were actually a few people on the beach, despite huge signs stating it was closed... Sigh. We did not join them.

She really loved this mural we saw along the walking path and I did too. We must walk past it often, but I have never noticed it before. A few of the homes facing the sand have these big walls in front of their porches and just a handful have them painted like this. I know Ella is going to want to go back to this exact spot on repeat to make sure it's still there.. :)

After our walk we came back to make and eat lunch. Hotdogs, corn, pasta salad, and chips with guacamole. It was so easy to throw everything together because I had done some prep in the early morning. The pasta salad is so easy to make and so delicious- I will have to add that to my list of recipes to share.

Michael and I had some cheesecake fruit cups for dessert, and have several more for later. This was another really easy recipe! I thought Ella would love this dessert too, but it turns out she wasn't a huge fan.


Some other cute pics from our morning. :)

Ella had an ice cream later in the day since she skipped dessert. I found these little mini cones in the freezer section of our grocery store and thought they would be perfect for her.


And felt like a big girl sitting all by herself. Mom hack-- put your cone inside a baking cup to catch any drippage.

We set up her pool outside since the beach was closed and it was really warm out. She had an absolute ball! 


She had lots of fun playing with the hose and splashing around! I got some good color from sitting in the sun.

After some splashing around the pool we took Ella on a little bike ride. She was dripping wet but this girl wanted to keep going! Her energy is amazing to me. Haha. (FYI- Her pigtails were hurting under the helmet so I let her ride it without. We went slow and were really careful!) We drove around the block a few times and I could see my girl getting tired. We headed home, and got Ella changed and in bed for a nice long nap. She slept for around 2.5 hours and was obviously exhausted from our fun morning, as was I! 

As soon as Ella woke up she was ready for more play time. I'm telling you, endless energy and she does NOT get that from me! (Notice the outfit change- soo cute and on sale at Carters!) 

Ella loves all her little water toys. She loves this swimming turtle the most! 

We spent some more time in her pool.

And more time on her bike. We took her to Electric Ave park for her to run around. She loves climbing the trees.


My adventurous girl! FYI- Crocs are NOT the best footwear for climbing trees.

We ended our night making some smores using our stove and honestly they were pretty darn good. I would have loved to have made them over a nice campfire, but I will settle for what we were able to do. It was the perfect end to a pretty perfect day!


Sunday was honestly an amazing day as well. We had a lazy morning in our pajamas. Ella sipped on her milk and watched some Netflix while Michael and I sipped our coffees. A perfect start to any morning if you ask me! 

We spent much of the morning playing! I set up a little grocery store with Ella's fake food items and she used her little cart to pick up some groceries. After, she headed back to her kitchen area to whip up some breakfast for her baby. She ended up making her a fried egg which I thought was hilarious. She had sound effects for the baby eating and everything.

We went over to Michael's parents around 9 per Ella's request. She kept asking for them and cried when I told her they weren't coming, so we went over there for the morning. Ella had lunch at their place and then we took her home to nap. After a nice 2 1/2 hour nap we headed to the beach because we read it was re-opened and there weren't many people.

We found a nice open area of the beach where we felt safe laying out and letting Ella play.

We built a sandcastle together and Ella destroyed it shortly after.


We got home from the beach and kept the fun going. We let Ella have a sweet treat and she played in her pool for a bit. 

Love these two! 

After the beach it was time for a bath and pajamas. Ella spent the rest of the night just vegging out, playing and watching some TV here and there. Sweet girl knows how to have a good time!

We had such a great weekend and I am feeling so thankful for this family and life of mine. Looking back on all of our fun pictures really makes me feel so fortunate for all that we have together. I can't wait to hear about all of your weekends and see some pictures too! :) Have an amazing Monday.

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  1. What a perfect weekend!! She is so dang cute and those outfits from Carter's are adorable! We love Carter's and buy so many of the kids clothes from there!

  2. Ella is seriously so stinkin' cute! Looks like y'all had a fun weekend!


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