Friday Favorites


We love Friday around here... Especially when everyone is off! Our 4th of July plans have changed due to the sudden spike in Covid cases, but we are sooo thrilled to just have the weekend off together.  We were originally going to rent a cabin in Big Bear but just decided against it. It doesn't seem like the right thing to do right now. I have been pinning recipes and craft ideas for the weekend, so we're still going to try and have some festive fun. We hope your family is healthy/safe, and have the best weekend. This week I am sharing favorites from both last week and this week. I missed Friday Favorites last week, so I just decided to combine them! :)


Ella is learning to love the beach and that is my favorite! We took her on our day off last Tuesday and let her play in the sand and just get some outside time in. It's not good for kids to be stuck inside all day and while our option of locations are limited, we try to get her out as much as possible. 

Bringing toys and digging her a small hole keeps her entertained! It's so cute and she is so sweet just playing.

We always make sure we wear masks on our way to the beach (just a 5 minute walk) and we find a spot that is free and clear of other people. I feel 100% safe at the beach with our little family. I think the reason why beaches are in the news so much is because people go in groups, do not social distance and pack in like sardines. 


While Ella waking up extremely early is not my favorite, our morning walks before work ARE! She woke up a little earlier than usual before my work day last Wednesday so we got a chance to take a long stroll together before anyone else was outside. Those early walks really are so peaceful and helps me get some steps in before a long day of work.


While work has been a lot more stressful, I am so glad I chose dental hygiene for my career and I love what I do. I sooo missed my patients and my work routine, although my new attire is a bit questionable... hahaha. Not picture is my second mask, my eyewear, my gown and my face shield. We are covered from head to toe! (That part isn't my favorite but necessary.)



We are just loving El Dorado Park and checking out all the wild life. This has been one of our favorite places during Covid. It's always empty and a safe place for Ella to get fresh air and run around.

When she holds my hand it melts me!


We made this lemon cake with a glaze and it was so good. It reminded me of Trix cereal oddly enough. Ella had a small slice and liked it as well.

It's nice to have a baked treat in the house. I always crave some sort of sweet at the end of the day! 


I shared this news last Sunday but I have some more cute pics to share, so I am sharing again. Last week someone stole Ella's wagon that we kept outside near our parking spot. I know it's our fault for storing it irresponsibly.. but I just can't believe someone would steal from a child. People are gross. We turned a negative into a huge positive and decided to get Ella a trike instead of the wagon... and she is obsessed!!!! 

Seeing how happy she is and just how she lights up makes me so happy. 

Just so so happy! Michael's parents bought her a helmet to wear, and you guys...





The other day after work I took Ella on a nice long walk to burn some energy before bed. She was obsessed with climbing this tree and it was cracking me up. She insisted on sitting there and having Minnie pretend climb the tree as well.


I decided to come up with a new system for Ella's toys so that she can focus more when she's playing and also prevent my living room from being a complete disaster on a daily basis. Organizing is my FAVORITE!!!! I bought these storage containers on Amazon (affiliate link) and made different themed bins.

Each day we pick a bin for her to play with and those are her toys for the day. In the pic above Ella was playing with her "pretend" bin and had her fake make up kit, Dr kit, fake purse and accessories and tool set. You guys, it is so much easier this way. Game. Changer. We are thrilled!

She has a few toys that we always have out because they are her favorites. Her slide is always out and she plays with it all day long. The kitchen and kitchen accessories are basically a part of our living room now, so that stays in the corner- almost like a piece of furniture. 


We always keep blocks and puzzles out because she likes to play with them on repeat.

And that's all for our favorites lately! We're really just trying to get used to this new normal we find ourselves in. Back to work but not able to do much else, ha. It's rough! How are you handling staying home? Enjoy your weekend guys, be safe out there!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. Great idea for organizing the toys! I'm glad you're still able to get to the beach these days.

    1. They closed our beaches again, but I think it was the right decision. Our case #s are rising steadily. We are going to do our best to have fun at home! :)

  2. She looks so grown up on that trike!! And you can tell she is having an absolute ball with it.

    1. Oh it's just so precious to watch, honestly. She just smiles so big and dies laughing on it. She feels like such a big girl :)


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