Ella's Easter Basket


Now that St Patrick's Day is over, we are jumping directly into Easter mode! We have lots of fun activities planned for Easter, so don't forget to pop over to my Instagram where I plan to share activities daily until the big day arrives. I will also do a collective post on here at some point to share some of our favorite activities and crafts.

Today I am sharing Ella's simple Easter Basket. If you get started early like me, you might be looking for some inspiration. I wanted to keep her basket simple this year, as she doesn't need very much. We will also do an Easter egg hunt with her around the yard where she will collect eggs filled with chocolates and other sweet treats!

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Board Book- Ollie's Easter Eggs came in a larger pack of board books that I got on Marketplace. I saved this one for her basket because it was Easter themed.

Kitchen Accessories- The mini rubber spatula and spoon were actually gifts from our friend Jenny. She knows I like Ella to have kitchen supplies that are her size and picked these up for her. I decided to put them in her basket! 

Pink Bow- I saw this large pink bow at Dollar Tree and grabbed it. Ella has a lot of hair accessories, but most of them are smaller in size and I love the look of a bigger bow. 

Egg Chalk- We got this 6 pack of egg chalk at Dollar Tree! You really can't beat that. We still use our egg chalk from her basket last year. But they are definitely at the end of their rope and almost gone from being left in the rain. You can find similar here, but it's a lot cheaper at Dollar Tree. 

Wooden Eggs- These will be a great addition to Ella's already large wooden food collection. She loves the plastic eggs that she has already but I thought these wooden ones were too cute. I got a set of 8 for 5$.

Rubber Duck/Bunny *not pictured- Ella LOVES rubber ducks and bunnies, so when I saw this at Marshalls for 1$, I knew I had to have it for her basket. This will be great for water play and bath time.

Wooden Tic-Tac-Toe Game- Ella definitely won't understand the concept of this game yet, but I think she's going to like taking the pieces in and out of the individual slots. I think this will be a great game for the car and when we're on-the-go. (Whenever we're able to be on-the-go again, hah!) This was a cheap buy at Michael's craft store, I think after a coupon it 

Yellow purse- This as another Dollar Tree find and I just had to snag it. Ella loves having a 'purse' and filling it with various things before leaving the house. This one is a fun Spring color and I think she's going to love the flower. 

Safari LTD Flower Toob- I thought these little flower figurines would be perfect for Springtime activities. Watch the price on this one... we didn't pay nearly what it's listed for currently.  

In addition to what you see here, I made a few things for Ella's basket that I will be using in some of her plastic eggs during her Easter egg hunt.

I made some pastel emotion peg dolls. They came out a little sloppy because I didn't have the right paintbrush. Ella has already found these dolls and loves them anyway. (Clearly I am terrible at hiding things from her...)  I also painted some wooden buttons with some pastel paint so we can use them for future shelf activities.

Thanks for checking out Ella's Easter basket. We will be back tomorrow to share our favorite moments from the week. We'll see you there! :)

-Ashley & Ella

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