Friday Favorites

 Good morning friends, happy Friday. I just woke up and realized our kitchen sink is leaking.... so that's fun! Home ownership always has something to throw at you, doesn't it? I have to work from 7-4, so I am going to let Michael deal with it when he wakes up. Other than now getting our leaking sink fixed, we have no plans for our weekend. I am just hoping for warm weather and lots of time spent outside. We hope you all have a great Friday and an amazing weekend. 


Ella is getting ready for the arrival of her little sister Mia, and that is my favorite! We've been trying to prepare her by doing lots of baby play.

I even tried to teach her the proper way to hold the baby, using head support. It was a little more difficult with her fake baby dolls but she was being so gentle and looked at her fake baby with such concern. It was so sweet actually.

We practiced feeding too. Ella was a little aggressive with this, so that might take some more practice. Overall, I think she's going to make an amazing big sister. 


Ella has been loving her pikler triangle. We ordered ours from Montessori Climber, and we love the quality... it gets so much use! It is expensive, but the quality is outstanding. I have no doubt both girls will use this for years, and it will still be in great shape when we are done with it.


I had my check up on Tuesday. I have gained 18 lbs, my blood pressure and blood sugar are great, and Mia is active and healthy. I couldn't ask for anything more (except someone else to take over for the next 9 weeks...) I love being a Mom but pregnancy is totally not my thing. But having a healthy check up and being told I have a healthy baby girl in there definitely makes for a favorite this week.


We got some new (to us) strollers and we're loving them.

This is the double stroller we were given from Michael's parent's friends, and we can't wait to use it for the girls. It's the Graco Modes Duo. There's tons of variations on how and where the girls can sit, which I love. We didn't have a Graco infant car seat though, and we needed one if we wanted Mia to ride in this as an infant. Luckily I found one used for sale for only $15. She had a jogging stroller that she was getting rid of too... so for $25 we have 2 new strollers! We haven't decided if this will be a stay a home stroller or if we will attempt to use it for on the go as well.  It's pretty large, so I need to practice folding it up. Ella doesn't always need a stroller when we're out, so I think this will most likely stay our 'home stroller' for walks to the park, etc.


I finally cleaned my ring and it's looking a lot shinier now. My favorite ring cleaner is this one...

It works great and it's almost half off right now.


I received my free welcome box from Amazon for creating my baby registry. If you or someone you know is expecting, create a baby registry here! I used Amazon for Ella as well and it was extremely convenient but I also love the free perks. Who doesn't love free stuff?? :) 


I shared what's in Ella's Easter basket yesterday, so don't forget to check out that post! Lots of cute things that are inexpensive. 

That's all for favorites this week. I am off to chug my coffee and get ready for a nice long day of work! Have a great weekend!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. I created an Amazon registry for the free perks too! ;) Your ring looks stunning & so do you with that bump, I hope these next several weeks go smoothly!

  2. New to your blog and congrats on the new baby

  3. Ella is going to be such a good big sister

  4. Awww... she's going to be a great big sister!

  5. Your ring is so pretty!! I hope these last weeks of your third trimester fly by for you! Ella practicing for Mia is just precious!

  6. Beautiful, From where did you buy your Pikler Triangle?

    1. We bought our Pikler from


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