Shelf Activities


Here's this weeks shelf activities. Some of these are affiliate links and others are links back to my blog where I share my DIYs. Thank you for supporting my blog! :) 

On top of our shelf, we have this rainbow stacker, which is one of our favorites. This is actually a great open-ended activity and looks pretty too! 

Also on top of our shelf is this Melissa & Doug latch board which always proves to be a bit of a challenge for Ella. Because it still challenges her, she doesn't get bored of it easily. 

We also added a xylophone this week for some musical play (not pictured.)

Our shapes bean bags were such a great buy! We play with them a lot. I printed and laminated some shape sheets I made in the Pages app, this way she can try to match the shape to the appropriate shape outline on the worksheet. She has been loving this!

These DIY color swatches are easy to make and a great opportunity to work on colors and matching. Ella also finds ways to use this for open-ended play. 

The two piece zoo animal puzzles are still in rotation this week, as Ella was still playing with them.

Our DIY coin posting box is easy to make. I also made the pastel colored buttons using wooden buttons from the craft store and pastel paint. Ella is very into posting activities and I am trying to think of ways to make this more of a challenge for her. I may add different sized holes to the top so she can try and figure out which button goes in which hole.

Our DIY threader bead activity is one that Ella didn't show much interest in, until now. I catch her going over to her shelf, adding a few beads and then putting it back. Before you go out and buy any of those threading block toys, keep in mind how cheap and easy it is to put together yourself. 

Using an old canvas produce bag, I was able to put together a little familiar objects mystery bag. Ella loves closing her eyes and reaching inside. She hasn't picked up on 'guessing' before she pulls the object out, but she still just loves it.

Happy playing! :)

-Ashley & Ella

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