Weekend Recap

I meant to share this on Monday, but we had a bit of a rough morning and I totally forgot! Sharing now, since I remembered... :) 


Our morning started with Dunkin Donuts and lots of playing. Ella's #1 toy of choice right now are her PicassoTiles. She absolutely loves these magnetic tiles and plays with them multiple times, every single day! If you have a toddler that has trouble playing independently, I highly recommend these. Ella will now sit down and build a little house or tower and I find them to be the best open-ended activity we own. If you'd like to purchase some, use my referral link and use the discount code "AFF20%OFF"

After breakfast, we headed out to the park with the duck pond. Fresh air and duck observing, Ella's favorites!


Ella loves the squirrels too. This one was so friendly... I think he thought we brought him food. Sorry little guy, not this time!

The weather was gorgeous! 


Michael has to do most of the carrying these days.

Ella was not psyched to take this pic with me... but I insisted.

We had to stop at the grocery store to grab a few things for our afternoon barbecue. I let Ella hold my phone and she took a picture of me while we were shopping. Then she tried taking pictures of strangers and would say "cheeeeese!" Hahaha!

Ella ate a quick lunch and took a nap.

After her nap, Ella wanted to play with her tiles some more.

Michael grilled us up some steak, and we ate it with some sides. Yum! It was so good!

Ella and I worked on cleaning up her bedroom a bit. Once she transitions back to a toddler bed, she'll have a true "big girl room." We love her room though- it's super cozy and a fun place to play on the carpet and roll around with her. (Which happens often!) 


I am going to ask that you ignore how tired and awful I look and just focus on the cuteness! :) (I got very little sleep the night before- pregnancy insomnia!) But she is so sweet and I had to share these sweet pictures.

We played all night long. Ella has quite the imagination these days and I don't always know what we're supposed to be doing when we're playing, but I try to pretend I understand. 

We set up Mia's little nursery... I will share a room tour when it's 100% finished. I still need to add a couple things. But I snapped a quick belly pic for you all. I swear this was me when I was about to deliver Ella. I have 10 weeks to get bigger still... Terrifying. 


This girl has been getting up way too early... I let her have some screen time while I drink my coffee and attempt to 'wake up.' Then we played with lots of blocks in her room.


Took this cutie to the park in the morning. It was a bit chilly, so we wore our fuzzy matching jackets.

Ella was very bothered by these flies that were getting too close. She repeatedly told them to "go away!" 


When we got back, Michael was working on the set up for this...

We've been eating a lot of hot pot at home, and we love it. 

Ella was supposed to nap at 1 while I went to a 'drive by' baby shower... Well, she refused her nap. Which has been happening on and off a lot more than I would like. I ended up just taking her with me and she slept in the car.

She was super grumpy for the brief time we were there. I had to jump out of the car so we could take a picture together of our bellies and our babies. I didn't realize black would hide my bump so well! 

Once we got home, Ella wanted to play play play!

More tiles!

Later in the afternoon I put together a little science experiment for her using vinegar and baking soda. We added some food coloring for fun.

Ella had lots of fun with this, we did it several times and we used different colors.

We used 1 heaping tbsp of baking soda and 1-2 drops food coloring in a small plastic 'pot' from The Dollar Tree. I let Ella pour the vinegar in, and let the magic unfold. A fun and easy St Patrick's Day experiment for her.

The rest of our night was filled with typical Sunday night routine... trying to get the house clean, get Ella bathed and ready for bed, etc. Overall it was a nice relaxing weekend. We'll be back Friday to share our favorite moments from the week with you!

Ashley & Ella

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