St Patrick's Day Activities


Happy Saturday! Just hopping on here to share some of our favorite St Patrick's Day activities we've done over the last couple of weeks! Some of the links are affiliate links- thank you for your support. Happy crafting! :) 

Dot Art-
This is an easy DIY. I printed the clover offline and glued it to some lime green paper. I drew the circle shapes all over, but I am sure you could also do this directly on the computer and/or find a pre-made print like this somewhere. Ella used her green dot markers to fill in the circles. She had fun with this one.

Bell Pepper / Clover Painting- 


Ella really enjoyed this activity from setting it up, to actually doing it. She helped me remove remaining seeds from the pepper, rinsed it and dried it for me. And then she thought painting with it was hilarious. "Mama! Paint food?" I just printed the clover print offline and paired it up with some green glitter paint. Having a plastic tray underneath just helps with clean up. We love these trays from Ikea both for crafts and eating.

Sensory Bin with Colored Rice-


We love a good sensory bin around here. This was super easy to throw together. I made a batch of green rice, adding a drop of peppermint essential oil in the process, and tossed in some random St Patrick's Day trinkets from Dollar Tree. Ella had so much fun scooping the rice and finding the treasures buried inside. We normally use a plastic bin or a baking dish. On this day I chose to use one of our baking pans and it worked out really well.

There are some great sensory bin scoops and accessories for sale here!

Green Cupcakes-


Ella loves to bake and it's a great way to get her involved in the kitchen. I just bought a simple white cake mix and frosting, but added the food coloring and sprinkles to make it a bit more festive. All of Ella's pouring work practice came in handy for this one!

Inviting PlayDough Tray-
Playdough is a great sensorial and open-ended activity for your toddler. Ella loves playdough so much! I made her this simple St Patrick's Day themed tray and she loved it. You can use whatever tools and accessories you can find and offer 1 or 2 colors of dough. I usually stick with one color so they don't get all mixed together. 

We have more St Patrick's Day activities coming... they are shelf-work activities, so we'll share that tomorrow for Shelfie Sunday! See you then!

-Ashley & Ella

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