A Little Life Update

Hi friends and happy Monday. I wanted to pop on over to share a few updates with you all, from work to weight loss and personal challenges I am deal with right now.

Back to Work-

As you have read on the blog, I am back to working my usual work schedule. It feels great to be back, but slightly overwhelming still with all the changes, new protocols and the virus at its peak right now. I have been working 5+ days a week to help where others have needed days off, but that will slow down soon. My typical work schedule is 3-4 days a week and that is the ideal for me so I can spend lots of time with Ella too.

Michael has been working 2-3 days per week to start, but it sounds like after the holiday he will be back to his usual 4 day work week. We both love only working 4 days and are fortunate that we even have that option.

Apartment Changes-

I made a few mini renos to our apartment just to 'spruce' it up and I feel happy with the changes. I am still anxiously awaiting the day we can move into our own home one day, but for now I feel content. It's amazing how much better you can feel after making just a few small changes. We focused our change in the bathroom and the kitchen. I have a post to share going over what we did soon.

Quarantine Weight Gain/Loss-

I shared a while back that I had gained almost 10 lbs during quarantine and I am happy to report that being back in my normal routine has helped me lose most of it. I was eating so much salt that I was super bloated and just not feeling myself. I think working has helped me keep my focus of eating healthy balanced meals and I have lost the opportunity to snack all day. Ella and I have also been keeping active going for lots of walks throughout the day. I do some small exercises throughout the day, but nothing consistent or anything that elevates my heart rate. I really need to find a work out plan that is sustainable and works for me, but am happy that my diet has improved immensely. My stomach is where I have noticed the most change; it's unbelievable how much my diet makes a difference in how I look and feel.


I have been so bad about reading every night before bed like I had planned. I am still working on my book The Silent Patient and while I do love it, I find myself forgetting to read when I have time, or my Kindle is always dead. I also find myself choosing to watch The Vampire Diaries during my free time instead of picking up my book. I am almost done with the show so maybe I will be better about reading when that is over.

Blog Updates-

Lately I have been feeling a little 'blah' and haven't been as motivated to make content for my blog space. I wanted this to be a space where I simply posted our day to day adventures, and not a place I really had to 'try.' With everything going on, our adventures are basically non-existent and therefore my blog content has suffered. Now that I am working again, I find it even harder to come up with posts, so you may see less and less of that right now. I really hope when life gets back to normal this space can get back to normal too.


I miss my family so much. Not knowing when I will be able to travel to Maine to see them again, or if they'll be able to visit me is really hard. We were supposed to go over Memorial Day week and obviously that was cancelled. Normally my Dad would be coming this October for Ella's birthday (20th) and his birthday (24th) but that isn't going to happen either. I just feel sad and wish I could change it, but I can't. I am trying to stay positive and just be grateful that both  of our families have been healthy and safe during this pandemic. 

Thanks for catching up with me. We will be back later this week!
-Ashley & Ella

What are some challenges you're facing right now?
What goals have you accomplished lately?


  1. Going back to work can be hard. Glad you guys are making it work. If you are ever interested in a virtual gym community with streaming workouts let me know

  2. I am so sorry you are missing your family. Hopefully something will change so you get to see your Dad sooner than you think!

  3. Sorry you're missing your family. My mom and I were (sort of still are..) hoping to get to North Carolina this fall to see my sister but it's not looking good.


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