Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

We have a shorter weekend ahead of us, but I am going to try and make the best of it. I am working today from 7-4 and work a half day tomorrow from 8-1. Until we are caught up with patients appointments that we had to cancel, I will be working a little more than usual, including Saturdays! :( Saturday evening we will likely eat with Michael's parents for Father's Day, but haven't made any plans for Sunday. I'm going to let Michael decide what he wants to do. I am thinking a nice relaxing morning for him while I take care of Ella and maybe some take out from his favorite restaurant. You'll have to find out on Monday what we decided to do... :)

For now, we have several favorites from the week to share!
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On Tuesday Ella and I had a little girl time together in the afternoon. We went for a walk down to the pier and stopped for an ice cream cone on the way. The pier has been closed for months so it was so nice to hang out there again. After making a total mess of ourselves with ice cream, we went down to the beach to play in the ocean. It was so much fun! Ella was screaming and laughing hysterically when the waves would touch our toes.

As you can see, Ella destroyed her outfit eating her cone, but she absolutely loved it. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my little sweetie so happy. (And side note-- the ice cream stains came out of our clothes in the laundry! I sprayed them with our favorite stain remover and soaked them.)

We ordered the Hatch white noise machine for Ella to try and get her to sleep in longer. I am so impressed with this machine and love the ability to control the light/sounds/volume from my phone. There are tons of white noise options but Ella prefers the rain noise, as she has slept to this her entire life. Our ideal would be to have Ella stay in bed till 7 every single day, and we are getting there slowly! She was waking up at 5 for quite a while and it was killing me. Every day we would try to get her from bed later and later. Now we are back to sleeping in until 6:15ish and she will stay relatively quiet in her crib until I get her at 6:45. It will be interesting to see if the Hatch helps her pick up on us wanting her to stay in bed longer but it's a great machine overall. 

Family snuggles on the couch are always my favorite. I love these two more than words can describe! 

I gave myself a pedicure this week and my toes are so happy now! I am not zooming in so you can see the imperfections- ;). I painted my toes in my favorite color- Alpine Snow by OPI. I am also just loving my knock-off Birks. They are so comfy and I just love how easy they are to slip on and off! What a great deal for only $25. I got mine in the Coganc color and am loving how the style goes with almost everything. 

My Mom sent us a package in the mail and we got it this week. Inside was tons of goodies for Ella and she couldn't have been more thrilled! She loves getting new stuff, I mean who doesn't? Ella has been loving her new flashcards and her new markers the most. We find ourselves playing with both on repeat. My Mom also got her a mini magna doodle which she has been loving and it's great for her to practice her writing grip. Thanks for the presents Grammie!

That's all for favorites this week.
We'll be back on Monday to share our weekend with you.


  1. Happy to hear you're loving the knock of Birks. I ended up ordering some Muk Luks which I really like too but I'm afraid to walk too fair in them in case they start hurting!

    1. Very nice!!! I am afraid of that too. I think if we ever go somewhere that requires a lot of walking I will bring back up shoes just in case :)

  2. I love seeing you & Ella get out near the ocean, perfection! Hooray for happy mail, it is always the best :)

    1. It's the best!! Trying to enjoy our beach location as much as we can before we buy a house. Because lord knows we can't afford to live by the beach forever haha! And yes I was so surprised because I didn't know she was sending us anything- surprise happy mail! :) Have a good weekend Rechelle!!

  3. I just painted my toenails this morning and thought they looked pretty darn good too as long as you don't get super close. I remember those messy ice cream days; it was worth the clean up for the smiles!

  4. Love those sandals!! And Alpine Snow is one of my fave colors :)


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