A New Trike

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! :)

I won't be doing a weekend recap post this week because I just didn't take a lot of pics and we kept our weekend really low-key and doing a lot of usual 'stuff.' BUTTTT I did want to hop on here and share some pictures of Ella on her new trike. On Friday we discovered someone had stolen Ella's red wagon from outside of our apartment building. We always kept it outside of our back door by our parking spot near my car and someone decided to help themselves. It's disappointing but it's totally our fault for not keeping it in a more secure location. Instead of getting another wagon, we decided to get a trike and see how Ella liked it.

I got the Radio Flyer Steer 'N Stroll Trike (affiliate link) and as you can see Ella LOVES it. She can't quite reach the pedals yet, but loves when we push her around. We are getting her a helmet, so in the mean time we keep it really slow and cautious. 


I can't believe how big my baby looks riding on her new trike! 

Ella really loves the bell feature and the basket on the back for holding her stuffed animals and whatever other random stuff she wants to take with her. Overall, I am super happy with our purchase and think it's a great little trike for a babe her age. 

We will be spending the rest of our Sunday going for lots of walks/rides, maybe spending some time at the beach and doing some meal prep for the week. We will see you later on this week to hopefully share one of my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes! :) 

-Ashley & Ella xoxo


  1. What a perfect way to make a positive out of a negative. So glad that you've been keeping up with the blog even with your return to work. Has your husband returned to work yet? It doesn't sound like it as he has been staying home with Ella but always interesting to know how everyone in the family is doing! :)

    1. Yes he has! Michael's office opened around the same time mine did, but has been a bit slower. He has been working 2 days instead of his usual 4. I think after the 4th of July he will be back to full time.

  2. That sucks about the wagon! Ella looks super happy on her trike.


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