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Hi everyone and happy Friday. I am currently drinking some coffee and getting mentally prepared for my 5th day of work in a row. It is rare that I work 5 days in a row so I am totally not used to it. I worked 5 days last week and do another 5 next week. I am exhausted! It's been tough going from being home with Ella for 2.5 months straight to barely seeing her. My Momma heart is hurting a bit. I am going to soak up all the Ella time this weekend- that's for sure!

Today I have so many great things to share with you guys and I have been so excited for today's post. It's rare that I order this many things on Amazon and absolutely love every single one of them! There's such a great mix of things included in today's post... cleaning supplies, phone accessories, attire and a great pair of shoes! These are things I have ordered over the last several months. I like to wait until I use something for an extended period of time before reviewing it with you guys. Alright, here we gooo. This post does contain affiliate links and as always, thanks for supporting my blog :)

Sandals- I had my eye on some birkenstocks for a while and just couldn't bring myself to spend 100$ on them. I got these knock-offs and just love them so much. They are so comfortable and just easy to throw on when I need to run outside real fast. The quality seems really nice, but of course time will tell. They run true to size!

Blue light glasses- I have always had a harder time falling asleep at night. Michael has always been the type that can lay down and be passed out and snoring within 5 minutes 30 seconds. I am always annoyed but I am low-key a little jealous. I have never been that way, but I want to be! I know the blue light on our screens definitely does not help my sleep situation. I bought these glasses to wear when using screens at night and you guys, I love them. I have been so tired lately, so I have been falling asleep quickly, so not sure if the glasses have helped yet or if it's just life that has me tired (I am guessing life.) All I know is they are cute and make me feel smart when I wear them, hahaha! I want to wear them all the time!

Color block/stripe tee- I ordered this in a medium and love the loose fit. It is a cotton-polyester blend, but super soft, and feels very light. It's the perfect casual tee for Summer. I have already worn it twice! 

The only pic I have wearing it... Not the best, but you can see it's looser fit! 

Animal print tee- I ordered this tee too and love this one too! The neckline is high which I actually really like and it also has a looser fit. When I first put it on Michael said "woah, that's a lot of animal print." Hahaha! I definitely think you'd have to keep the rest of the entire outfit simple or this could get a tad overwhelming.

Steam mop- I bought this to steam clean our carpets and our sofa. Little did I know I could use it to steam clean our kitchen and bathroom too. There's a bunch of attachments and it's the easiest machine in the world to use. It heats up in 12 seconds, literally and has just been a great machine to have for our apartment, especially right now with all the virus stuff! The steam helps kill germs without chemicals.

Floor cleaner- I also purchased this great all natural, made in the USA cleaner for our kitchen and bathroom floors. I finally finished up a lot of our stronger chemical cleaners and wanted something that was less chemically with a lighter scent. This one is so great and your home with smell wonderfully clean when you're all done using it.

Marble phone case- This was more of a want than a need. I have been wanting a marble phone case for a while and decided to just get it. It was LESS THAN 10$, which I thought was amazing. Since purchasing it, I have dropped my phone a huge distance at least 2-3x... I am always dropping it while trying to balance Ella and all of her stuff. This case protected it from any scratches or cracks during the drop.

Herb Garden- I ordered this herb garden starter kit a while back and I am just so happy with it. I have never been able to grow anything that can actually be consumed by human beings, so I am giving all my praise to this herb kit here! We've been enjoying fresh cilantro and basil for the last week or so, and it's so good. We actually have too much cilantro which is amazing. We always would buy it from the grocery store and end up using half a bunch and tossing the rest... heart breaking! We HATE wasting food. This herb garden has been great for us and even Ella likes helping us with it.

We have since transplanted the herbs into larger homes.

Callus Remover- I have never been one to go out and get pedicures. In fact, I have only had one in my entire life. I have a weird thing about people touching my feet and the idea of them possibly re-using tools without sanitizing them properly totally grosses me out. Working in healthcare has made me increasingly more cautious about things like that. While I don't like getting pedicures out, I do like taking care of my feet at home. I love this callus remover as I tend to build them quickly on the sides of my big toe and my heels. 

Food storage containers- I shared these before, but I love them so much I had to share them again. We reorganized our food cupboards with these so it feels more 'pantry style' and are just loving them so much. Here's a link to my post about my cupboards if you're curious how we organized them. They are pricier but a great investment for long term organization. They are on sale now! 

This is how I organized them in our food cupboard. We are loving them so much. Our food is staying fresh for much longer and we are actually eating everything. It's amazing how much more tempting that granola is when I can see it vs when it's sitting in a cardboard box in the cupboard. I highly recommend these.

Kendra Scott Necklace- I saw this necklace on Amazon and just thought it was too pretty not to share. I haven't ordered it but I might ask for this for Christmas this year. I think it would make a really pretty gift too. My best friend is expecting her first baby and I still need to buy her a gift. When I was pregnant with Ella she sent us a beautiful gift that included not only something for Ella, but a big coffee mug (which I am literally using right now) for me. I loved that she included something just for me in there and I want to do the same for her gift. 

Have a great Friday and an amazing weekend. We will be back on Monday!


  1. Love that necklace, would be such a great gift!! My steam mop should be arriving next week, can't wait to use it :)

  2. I have that same color block t-shirt on my wishlist. It looks so nice and comfy.

  3. That color block tee is super cute! And your cabinet looks sooooo nice and organized with those containers! What is it about seeing something like that, that is so satisfying? Even when it's not in your own home, haha!

    1. Organization totally makes hearts happy :) The containers have been so nice for us. I find us finished our boxed snacks and cereals before they go bad, which is amazing!


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