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Hi everyone. While I want to keep my blog space a happy, positive and uplifting space, I can't possibly ignore all that is going on in the world right now. I am heart broken. It's been a hard year and I feel like it keeps getting harder. We need to change. Society needs to change. The world needs to change. RIP George Floyd. 

I'm currently sitting curled up with a blanket, sipping my hot coffee and enjoying the quiet of the morning before anyone else is up. I wrote in my journal this morning to get some of my feelings out and I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. If you've never tried journaling, I highly recommend it. Sometimes I just feel sad, anxious or stressed about things that are out of my control and writing it down helps me release those feelings a bit. I am what is considered an 'empath' and sometimes I feel things so deeply that it just consumes me. I really just wish everyone could live happily and peacefully in a world that accepts everyone for who they are. Sigh. If only it were that simple. 

We had a pretty uneventful weekend. Even though this was a short work week, I found myself feeling pretty exhausted. I think part of it was work related, and part of it just due to everything going on. I'm not someone who forces myself to do things just to do things. Unfortunately that can result in some boring blog content, but it's real life. If I am feeling tired or blah, I let myself relax and have that moment. I am definitely not a go-go-go type of person. So while it was a lazy weekend around here, we did manage to get outside a bit. Here are a few pictures.



Saturday mornings are for walks on the beach. This girl is becoming such a daddy's girl and it is so sweet to see. Although Michael doesn't have a huge presence on my blog (his choice) he is an amazing fiance and father. We are lucky to have him.

Saturday was day one of my 'diet' and I started my day with my favorite green smoothie. I am trying to lose the weight that I gained during quarantine... Believe it or not I gained almost 10 lbs! I don't consider myself to be overweight by any means, but I would like to get back to the weight I was before I went a little too snack crazy during this time at home. The area that I gained the most weight in is my stomach and around my hips, so now none of my Summer shorts fit and I would much rather lose a few pounds than buy all new stuff!!! Wish me luck on this little journey back to healthy/clean eating.

Sweet Ella has been teething and cannot keep her hands out of her mouth! None of our teething toys seem to be doing the trick but thankfully she has been sleeping semi-okay and we haven't needed to give her any medicine. She's been loving cuddling with us on the sofa for comfort. Her little outfit was a gift from my Dad that he sent from Maine, and I think it is the cutest ever. 

We went to Michael's parents for dinner and it was so yummy! We ate so fast I forgot to take a picture. Ella loves going over there and playing in her play-room. We ended up letting her stay there for a couple hours longer than us and they dropped her off right before her bedtime. 


Sunday began early, as we started hearing Ella on the monitor around 5:30. Luckily she stayed relatively quiet until about 6, when I finally caved and grabbed her from her crib. We really want her to sleep in a bit later... 7 would be great. But she's obviously a natural early-riser! While Michael had some 'me time' Ella and I headed out for a morning walk.


Of course Mickey Mouse had to come along! Obviously! :)

We were hoping to see some dogs at the dog park but had no luck! Luckily later in the morning we ran into our neighbor and her doggy. We let Ella pet the dog a few times and she was in HEAVEN!


Pajamas + the park + Mickey Mouse + Mommy = One happy Ella! 

Later we drove down to the Long Beach marina to grab some goodies from the farmer's market. I couldn't believe how cloudy and cool it was outside; I was expecting warmth and sunshine! We don't always shop at the farmer's market but I really want to start going more routinely. We believe in supporting local farmers, so we need to be better about starting our grocery shopping there.

Michael took Ella to look at the boats and over at the water while I did our shopping.

We grabbed some farm fresh eggs, green beans, pickling cucumbers, mushrooms, avocado and berries. We eat eggs almost every single morning and cucumbers are becoming a daily snack. We're going to use the avocado to make guacamole for our tacos on Tuesday and the green beans will make a yummy side for our dinner on Wednesday.

Momma Ella selfie just because! She's starting to look more like me I think! :) 

While Ella napped I ran to the store for a few things. I came back and made Michael and I both a hazelnut cream coffee with a frothy dairy-free creamer.

It was pretty delicious! I just bought generic store coffee and creamer and couldn't believe how yummy it was. I'm trying to get more restful sleep at night, so no more caffeine after my morning cup! 


After Ella woke up from her nap and had a snack, we headed over to the beach to listen to the waves and play in the sand. We only stayed for a few minutes because the rules of Seal Beach say "no standing or sitting." We saw plenty of family's having beach days but wanted to follow the rules.


Ella was so happy to stop and play for a bit. 

We played outside of our apartment for a bit too. She played with her elephant and bubble machine while I checked on my plants. They are doing so well but some darn bugs got to my bok choy plant and ate it up... :( So we are going to need a natural method to preventing bugs asap. 


Ella decided that she is now obsessed with this elephant and wants to take it everywhere we go! 

Love this guy!

We made tofu + veggie rice bowls for dinner. So so so good! I think these types of meals are my favorite to eat and they are soo easy and healthy.

Ella enjoyed it too! 

We ended our night with ice pops and a youtube dance party!

Have a good week everyone. When in doubt, be kind!
-Ashley & Ella

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  1. Good luck with your weight loss! I am struggling to get the 5 or 6 lbs I gained off as I now seem to just crave sweets like crazy.


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