Weekend Recap

Hi everyone. We've been a bit MIA lately due to everything going on. I've been spending less time on my social media and my phone in general. It's honestly been really nice. Lately everything on social media is just bad news, followed by people arguing and a whole lot of hate. I love all the positivity and togetherness too... but lately just seeing so much hate spewed all about is overwhelming. I needed to take a step back. Some people take offense to the silence during such a time, but I don't think I have anything to prove to people on social media or my blog. I have always believed black lives matter, and have talked down racism my entire life. I think everyone coming together during this time is amazing and I am so happy to see everyone rally around minorities... it's about time!

My best friend is black and I spoke to her about her thoughts on the entire situation. I listened, I heard her and I feel for her... In fact, my heart breaks for her. She is pregnant with her first child, a little boy... She told me she doesn't want to live a life where she has to fear for her husband and her son. It's just horrible. I think the best thing we can all do right now is listen to POC, hear their stories, try confront the racism in this country and then VOTE for those who you feel will support and have the best interests of ALL people. Phew, okay. I don't this to be a political space, but I had to get those feelings out there.

Okay, refocus... I am linking up today for the Hello Monday link up to share a random mix of pics from our weekend.

We've been taking walks to the beach in the mornings and it's so nice. I would love to go every morning but now that I am back to working we don't always have the time. Mondays and Thursdays are my late start days so we'll definitely try to get out there on both days. Ella and I spent almost an hour at the beach on Sunday. There was nobody else there so I let her play with some sand toys and run around. It was good for both of us :)

We've been going to the farmer's market on Sundays to get our berries, some produce and fresh cut flowers. We love walking along the marina and just spending sometime outside, but we especially love supporting our local farmers.

Ella loves looking at the boats and off the railing and into the water. She loved running along the walking path- it was gorgeous!

We've ate good over the weekend... :)

Donuts are always a special treat on a Sunday morning. She ate all the sprinkles and didn't want to the donut... crazy girl! 

I've been eating this lunch/snack repeatedly! French bread with a healthy scoop of bruschetta sauce (from TJs-- soooo good) mozzarella cheese, tomatoes and fresh basil FROM MY GARDEN! I was so proud to use herbs from our garden outside and it was actually so fresh and tasty.

I also harvested some cilantro for tacos. It's so satisfying being able to use ingredients that we grew ourselves. 


I bought this fruit and vegetable wash at Trader Joes to soak and scrub our produce in. The water was DARK brown when I was done. YUCK! So gross but yet so satisfying. So glad I bought this product! 

Chinese take out is always a good idea! We hadn't eaten from that restaurant since quarantine began, so it was such a great treat.

We finally took Ella to a playground and she flipped! She had so much fun. There were NO other kids there, which made us feel better. We also had Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer with us. Ella loved getting back on the swing for the first time in months and went up the equipment and down a tube slide at least 30 times. 

She was living her best life and I even let her go shoe-less to get more speed on the slides! 

Bubbles baths and jammies before 7 to end our weekend!

Thanks for checking out our pics of life lately. We hope you and your family have been safe during this crazy time and that all is well in your life. We'll be back later this week! :)

-Ashley & Ella


  1. Oh my gosh yes the bruschetta sauce from TJs!!!

    I agree with your sentiments in the beginning of your post too, let's all VOTE!


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