Weekend Recap

Hi friends and happy Monday! We have a busy week ahead and I'm not sure how much blogging I will manage to fit in this week, but I will do my best. Both of my dental offices are still really backed up trying to catch up patients from when we were shut down. I am doing my best to help and working more than usual, which I don't mind doing, but I really hope I am able to get back to my normal schedule soon. It has been really hard going from being home with Ella 24-7 to barely seeing her during the work week. Hurts my Momma heart, especially when she changes so quickly.

Over the last week she has learned to say SO many new words. Shoes, no, neigh (for a horse) etc. It's insane to watch her grow and change everyday; I don't want to miss a thing! Okay, onto our weekend recap. Although our weekend was really relaxed and fairly uneventful, I took a few pics to share with you guys!


Early Saturday morning we decided to go to a playground that we knew would be empty and a safe place for Ella to play. She had so much fun swinging and playing on the equipment. We stayed for most of the morning- letting Ella run and play and burn lots of energy!


We made zoodles for lunch and Ella loved them! We've been having trouble getting her to eat veggies lately, but we fooled her with these. I made them using my zoodler machine, and just sauteed them with fresh tomatoes and tomato sauce.

Saturday afternoon we attempted to have a beach day, but it was an absolute epic fail. Our beach tent was not staying in the sand because it was so windy, and Ella just wanted to leave the entire time. We were there for less than 30 minutes before giving up on the entire thing.

As you can see there were only a few other people and we were able to safely social distance, especially with our beach tent. It's such a bummer that it was so windy and miserable.

We went to have dinner with Michael's parents Saturday night and it was so good! Ella didn't want to leave so we let her stay at their house a bit longer to play. We have been such early birds lately, we put Ella down around 8 and I swear we were both asleep by 9:30.


Sunday morning started with a nice family stroll through the nature park. 


Ella loves exploring! It was nice until we realized how buggy it was outside, so we didn't stay very long.  After our little nature stroll, we decided to go to this park near the marina in Long Beach. Ella has never explored this area before and I knew she would like it. 

Ella liked watching the speed boats in the water and even tried to say the word "boat." We let Ella stop at the playground next door and she was obsessed with bouncing on this horse. Don't worry, we had hand sanitizer readily available.


She kept saying "neigh neigh" and it was so sweet. She's getting so good with her animal sounds!

The rest of our morning was uneventful. We fed Ella lunch and she napped from 12:30-2:30 while Michael and I hung out. I may have taken a short nap! After Ella woke up, we spent some time outside.

Ella helped me water my plants. She loves watering the plants and I can totally tell she's going to be a garden girl when she gets older! Love!

We also spent some time in the pool playing! 

I look forward to our weekends being full of adventures to the aquarium, the zoo, going to different restaurants, and playing at different parks/playgrounds, but it's too soon. While things are opening up here, I still want to give it some time until we see the virus isn't spreading. The numbers here continue to rise on a regular basis, so you'll continue to see us being cautious! 

I'm working Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday this week... so it's another busy week ahead. We'll definitely be posting a Favorites post on Friday, and I hope to share some other things during the week if I find time. Thanks for checking in. Have a great week!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. I hope you have a great week. Sorry it was so windy on the beach!

  2. We're still being cautious too as numbers are still high! Love you weekend though :)

  3. Ella is so cute! We're also taking it slow over here as our numbers continue to rise. Stay safe. xo

  4. Sorry your beach trip didn't work out; that's a bummer. Lookslike you had some great food his weekend though.

  5. Looks like a great weekend!! How sweet that Ella is picking up new words every day. It's so fun to hear what interests them!


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