Ella's 2nd Birthday

Ella turned two on Tuesday and it was such a fun day celebrating her.


We had purchased tickets to the LA Zoo for her special day. I was a little nervous that it would be crowded (although I knew they were limiting capacity and requiring masks.) I was so happy once we arrived because the park was EMPTY! It felt like we were there by ourselves which was so so nice.

We loved having the park 'to ourselves.'

Ella really enjoyed the fish and sea otters.

And she got up close and personal with the gorillas which was so cool.

Chimpanzees are Michael's favorite.

And I personally love the giraffes. I was hoping we'd be able to feed them while we were there, but because of Covid they aren't offering that right now.

The exhibit signs were more exciting to her than the animals though.

And I think she just enjoyed running around the open park!

It was a fun day with my sweet family!

Ella got her birthday gift early this year, so she's been using it for a while now.

We got her this pikler triangle and she loves it! It has been a great way for her to enhance her gross motor skills at home, since we don't go to the playground much at all anymore.

I can't believe my sweet baby girl is two years old, and just about 6 months shy of becoming a big sister. It's hard to believe. Time really does go as fast as they say! Thank you for reading about Ella's 2nd birthday fun. We'll be back on Monday with a brief recap of our weekend.



  1. Happy happy Birthday Ella!!! Looked like the perfect zoo day and I hope she loves her pikler, so fun :)

  2. Looks like an amazing birthday! So fun.


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