Halloween "Boo Basket"

 Trick-or-treating is sadly going to be a no-go for us this year. As much as I wanted Ella to have a fun traditional Halloween experience, it's just not safe right now. Instead, I decided to make her a 'boo basket' (much like an Easter basket) that will help her feel that Halloween fun and excitement, in a safe way! :) We saw a few examples of these online and I thought it was so creative and fun. We were able to throw this together for less than 10$ and I know she is just going to love it.

Here's what we put inside-

-A coloring book

-Glitter crayons

-House stickers

-Peanut butter cups

-Container of cookies

-Box of goldfish

-Fruit snacks

-Kit kats 

-Miniature hair brush 

(My Mom sent Ella a few things in the mail which I added to the basket too, including a Halloween card, some random candies and the cat ear headband.)

This was sooo simple, cheap and easy; I am super excited to give it to her! We still plan to get Ella dressed up for Halloween and will probably take her on a 'spooky tour' of the neighborhood with all the decorations out and everything. I think that will be fun for her! She is going to be dressed up as a unicorn, which I think will be super cute. Pictures to come! xo


  1. This year really sucks. Glad you have come up with something cute to do with Ella. I still have to figure out what we are doing

    1. A patient of mine suggested trick or treating around the living room. Almost like an easter egg hunt. I thought that could be cute!


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