Friday Favorites

 Hey friends, happy Friday! Wow- what a week! It was busy over here. When I wasn't working, I had doctor's appointments, errands to run and our realtor took us to look at several homes. We actually put an offer on a home last week, but they accepted another offer that went above asking. So our home search continues! My goal is to be in our own home by Christmas, but that day is quickly approaching, so we'll see how it goes. I tried to gather some favorites for you from our week and we have a fun little list today.


These pics are actually from Sunday, but it was such a perfect way to end our weekend and gave our week a great start. We went for a late afternoon/early evening 'hike' through Gum Grove Park, which we love doing.


Ella had no fun as you can see... :)

Trying to get Ella to take pictures is next to impossible, but we still try. 

Another favorite from this week is my new sweater that I got on Amazon (affiliate link.) It's thick and so cozy! It's going to be perfect for this Fall and Winter with my growing bump. 

Love my sweet family and our little evening strolls. 


Cooler weather for us means bundling up in the mornings and stripping them off by noon. But we are loving it! I love cool mornings when you wake up and just want to stay under your covers.

Ella has been extra cuddly in the mornings too... :) 



This whole look was a fave, and she picked out the outfit herself. Ella has just been so darn cute lately, and I am loving this age so much. My Mom sent her these cat ears for Halloween which we put in her boo basket, but Ella found the basket and grabbed the ears and wanted them immediately. I figured it would be good headband wearing practice because her Halloween costume includes a headband as well.

If you didn't see my post about my boo basket, you can click the image below to take you to the post. It's our way of making up for a lackluster Halloween this year.


We had our 2nd appointment with my midwife on Tuesday and everything is looking great. The baby is growing strong and looks right on track. I am due on May 21st as of right now. I had all my bloodwork done and pretty soon we will know the gender!! I never had the option to find out the gender via a blood test so I am excited about that this time around. It will be fun to know so early. I can't wait to share with you all. Any guesses??


 I watched the entire season of Emily in Paris in just a few days... I totally binged whenever I had time to watch, mostly during naps and before bedtime. It was so good and my favorite show I have seen in awhile. I thought the whole story was cute and I loved so many of the characters. It'll be a bit until season 2, but I'll be here waiting.


Sorry for the blurry pic- it's the only one I have!! We made a zuppa toscana soup this week and it was delicious!!! We followed this recipe, but added some crushed fennel seed as well. If you love OG zuppa toscana soup, I highly recommend making a big batch yourself.

That's all for favorites this week :) We'll be back on Monday to share our weekend recap. We don't have many plans but I am hoping we can still have some Halloween fun! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. Ella in the kitty ears is just too adorable!!! Glad to hear you midwife appointment went well & exciting to be finding out the gender soon, I'm going to guess another girl ;) HOORAY for the house hunting process, keeping my fingers crossed you find the perfect one & settle soon! We too just found a home and are working through the appraisal & mortgage process now, plus getting our current home in tip top shape to list & sell, ahhhhh all the things! SO fun to be going through the same stages of life with you friend, XO

  2. Best of luck on the house hunt. Can't wait to hear what you're having! That's so exciting.

  3. I love Ella's coat and cat ears! So sweet


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