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 Hi friends! I am co-hosting today's link up with my friend Adrienne @ Mom Life with Adrienne for our 'What's In My' link up. Today I am looking at what's in my ... bedside table/end table. 

Our previous link ups included the following topics:

Coffee bar--which I failed to create a post for #bloggerfail

And here is my bedside table. (I have shared these pics before, but my nightstand really doesn't change that much.)

A cheap lamp from Ikea, my ring cleaner, an empty frame (still empty btw...) a candle, perfume and some earrings in a little jewelry dish.

The shelves are still so disorganized. I keep random books and my planner there, along with some craft stuff in the basket. I also have my hair and make-up stuff on the bottom shelf. Our apartment is pretty tiny and tight on space, so I made room for things where I could.

Not very exciting, but hey, it's my end table :P We don't even have one in our living room or I would show that to you. Right now our only sort of end table in the living room is Ella's toy shelf.

If you haven't linked with us before, you should. Here are the topics for the rest of the year.

We're looking in our fridge and at our wrapping stations for the final topics of the year... both super fun!

Thanks for checking out today's post. We'll be back tomorrow for Friday Favorites! 

-Ashley & Ella

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  1. Hey Ashley, thanks for hosting. Wishing you an incredible Thursday!

  2. Yesterday I suddenly thought - ooops I wasn't supposed to be talking about a night stand, I was supposed to be talking about an end table. I'm glad I was right in the first place!

  3. Kind of glad to know I'm not the only one that buys frames and don't always put actual pictures in them!


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