Friday Favorites


Good morning my friends and happy Friday! I am struggling this morning... Ella was up tossing and turning all night long, and I barely slept a wink. I heard her all night on the monitor and had to go console her three times. She was officially up for the day at 5:30. Sigh. I have to work 7-4 today and it's going to be exhausting. I think she's helping me practice for the new baby, but I would prefer no practice and just to sleep. 

Other than that, I have some amazing news to share... Our Nai Nai (Michael's Mom) is BACK! She tested negative twice within the last week and although she still feels tired, she was able to help us out with Ella toward the end of the week. She watched Ella for us on Thursday and Friday, and let me tell you... Their reunion on Thursday just about made me cry. We hadn't seen her in a month. Ella talked about her almost everyday that she was gone, and we are just so happy that she is safe and healthy. That is the biggest favorite of our entire week!

Some other favorites from our week...


This sweet little cardigan is my new favorite addition to Ella's wardrobe. Our friend Samantha has a daughter who is a bit older than Ella, and we are so fortunate to be the recipient of her hand-me-downs. She always buys her the cutest outfits at a variety of places... Unlike me who always buys Carters or Target. You can't tell by the look on her face, but Ella loves it too... :) (I also really love her bunny slippers which were a gift from her Nai Nai, aka Grandma.)


I am constantly moving furniture around and trying to decide the 'best' way to organize things for our home. I recently moved Ella's reading corner to a different part of the family room and she and I are loving it! It feels a lot less cramped than where it was located before. Now her activity shelf area is a lot less cluttered feeling as well. 

As you can see, Ella has made herself right at home in her new corner. Sweetness. I plan to do a little post on Sunday to share some of Ella's favorite books about love and things that she holds close to her heart!



 I had a doctors appointment on Tuesday and had to bring Ella along... Fortunately they were able to schedule for me at the end of the day when no other patients were present at the office (yes!) Ella was so well behaved and they kept complimenting me on her good behavior. I was surprised because right before going into the office Ella dropped her bunny in a mud patch in the parking lot (nooooooo) and as you can see is a little roughed up. She was having a crisis when I tried leaving him behind, so we brought him inside with us... Luckily, I was able to sneak him inside my bag and washed him when we got home. Anyway... The good news! Miss Mia is growing FAST and Momma is too... I am actually shocked at how much larger I am this time than when I was pregnant with Ella but they reassure me that is normal. The doctor is happy with how everything is looking. I was supposed to do my glucose test but with Ella tagging along they said I could wait until next time. 


Tuesday had such gorgeous weather so we decided to eat outside for lunch. We had soup and sandwiches! Ella had the cauliflower soup from Costco, a grilled cheese and a cucumber on the side. After lunch, we just stayed outside and played until it was time for a nap. 

How it started...

How it ended...

Hahaha! It was only around 65 outside but we were both MELTING sitting directly in the sun. She looked at me and said "Mama, so hot!" And she had soaked her dress so I just let her run free for a while and she absolutely loved it. Lunches and afternoons outside in the sun are my favorite! 


Our Valentine's Day shelf has been a favorite this week. Ella has been independently exploring and mastering her activities this week. I shared a whole post on it and a breakdown of our materials which you can read here.


If you haven't tried this garlic spread dip from Trader Joe's you are missing out big time. I like to eat it with toasted naan or pita, and sometimes dip my baby carrots or cucumbers into it... So so good. Please just try!


This sweet girl has been so cuddly and affectionate lately and it's my favorite! She's been this way with her Dad too. She loves when we all 'group hug' and give her lots of kisses too. She's the best! (Except when she wakes up at 5:30 am like today....) 

Michael is supposed to get his 2nd shot in the vaccine series today, so I am pretty sure he will be out of commission tomorrow. He had a pretty strong response after the first one, so I am preparing to be solo tomorrow. I am hoping to take Ella to this lighthouse by the aquarium to walk around and maybe have a picnic lunch. But that will depend on weather and crowds. We hope you all have a great weekend, and we'll see you back on Monday to share our weekend with you!

-Ashley & Ella


  1. I hope Michael does OK with his second shot; I've heard it is a doozy!

    1. It kicked his butt! He spiked a fever last night and was nauseous all night. But seems to be much better this morning. I hope you and your boys are doing well! xo


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