Weekend Recap

 Hi friends, happy Monday. This is going to be my first full work week in quite a while, so hopefully I make it... haha! Dental hygiene is a great profession but not the easiest one when you are pregnant. I successfully worked until the day before I went into labor with Ella, but I have a feeling that won't be the case with miss Mia. (Just based on how I am feeling now...) I always like to start the week off strong and with a positive attitude, but I am feeling a bit tired right now and it's hard to find that positive energy I know that I need this morning. Ella had me up a couple times last night and ultimately ended up in our bed (which almost never happens.) She ended up sleeping okay, but I barely slept at all... So I am a tad groggy as I type this. Our weekend was simple and low-key, so I am left with just a few pictures to share. 


Michael got his 2nd vaccine on Friday and was up all that evening feeling feverish, nauseous and with a headache. He still had a fever on Saturday morning, so we tried to let him rest as much as possible.

Ella and I went to Target to pick up some vitamins my doctor wants me to start taking, to help ease some symptoms. Of course that's not the only thing we bought... I grabbed Ella a couple things too. We swung by a park that is near the Target so Ella could play and Michael could continue to rest in peace at home.

We enjoyed having different equipment to play with and the weather was gorgeous.

After the park, we went to pick up our Jamba Juice order that I had placed online, and then we grabbed some lunch too. 

We sat outside and enjoyed our lunch in the sunshine. We ordered Rubios, and I got a California chicken and rice bowl. Side note- my bump is massive compared to how large I was with Ella at this stage of pregnancy. 

I got Ella the bean and cheese burrito kids meal, which she really liked. It came with some mexican rice and apple sauce on the side.

After lunch, we just played in the sun!

I found this little 'functional' sink at Target on their clearance end cap for $12. Ella loves playing with water and doing dishes, so I knew she would like this.  

After lunch, Ella went down for a nap. While she slept, I went to meet a coworker so we could talk a bit. Even though we work together, our office is so busy, we don't get the opportunity to actually see each other very much. It was nice to catch up with her and know what's going on in her life, outside of our 'work life.'

On my way home, I swung by someone's house to grab a little trampoline for Ella that was listed free on Facebook. By the time I got home, she was awake and ready to enjoy...

She loves it! It's pretty beat up, but still functional. Not bad for free! We spent the rest of Saturday playing at home and resting.


Ella woke up early Sunday, around 5:30. I went in her room and held her hand trying to get her to go back to sleep until about 6:15 before giving up. She immediately wanted to go outside and play. Everything was wet and cold, but she insisted. We got our jackets and headed outside... Of course, she wanted to play on her new trampoline. She loves anything new.

We made a family trip to Costco to grab some essentials for the week. It was madness so we just got in and out as quickly as possible... no pictures were taken. We grabbed the basics that we go through a lot of... fruit, veggies, eggs, milk, bread, and a few snack items.

Ella has been loving our backyard, so we spent a lot of time out there on Sunday. We likes watering the plants, playing with her water table and running through her bubble machine.


We can add jumping, swinging and laying on her trampoline to that list... :) 

Ella took a nap while Michael and I worked on emptying a few final boxes, doing laundry, reorganizing, cleaning etc. 



After her nap, we went for a walk to the park. Ella enjoyed picking dandelions on our way.

We have been so fortunate that the park near our house is always empty! Ella enjoys swinging the most. 

Riding the seal is a close second though. So silly.

We went over to Michael's parents house for dinner. It was the first time we've seen his Dad in over a month and Ella was soooo excited. We had hot pot for dinner, which was a nice little treat.

Overall, it was a nice weekend. This Friday is Chinese New Year, so I have some fun things prepared for Ella to celebrate all week long. I will be sharing our themed shelf and activities tomorrow, as I didn't get my blog post finished for yesterday as I intended. We hope everyone has a nice week! Check back tomorrow if you want to see how we prepared Ella's playspace for the holiday. 

We didn't share our whole week, but are linking up with Heather @ My Glittery Heart.

-Ashley & Ella


  1. I found I was so much more tired and just blah feeling with my second pregnancy and figured it had a lot to do with having a little one underfoot and not being able to take as great care of myself as the first time around. Hopefully your week will pass quickly and you'll get a few nights of uninterrupted sleep.

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! I might need one of those trampolines! Those 2nd baby bumps pop way faster than the first no matter what you do.

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