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Good morning & happy Sunday. We have rotated Ella's shelf activities once again and are here to share each of the activities with you. Many of our activities are sensory focused, but that's what Ella has been interested in lately. 

Safari Friends 2 Piece Puzzles

2 Piece Puzzles- Ella has never really played with puzzles beyond the peg puzzles, so I thought this would challenge her. She did all of the puzzles correctly on her first try, so I think we may need something a bit more advanced for her soon. I have my eye on this set of puzzles for her, so I may purchase them for her if I can find a good deal or on marketplace.

Touch & Feel Barn Game

Touch & Feel Barn- We found this at Homegoods on the clearance end cap for only 6$. It was such a steal, I couldn't believe it! Ella picked it out herself and loves playing with it so much. The idea is that your toddler spins the spinner and tries to find the matching 'texture' in the barn. Ella doesn't quite get that concept yet, but she's getting better. She usually spins the spinner, reaches in the barn and grabs the first thing her fingers touch... Haha! 

Wooden Sticks in the Jar Posting Activity

DIY Posting Activity- This was an easy DIY. I bought a small pack of wooden craft sticks and a small plastic jar. The jar has a lid that I knew would allow Ella to open and close it herself, and she LOVES that. I used a drill with a small screw to poke the hole in the top of the jar and voila. My favorite craft store to buy things like this is Michael's because there are always coupon codes! You could easily use a pack of toothpicks and a small jar from Dollar Tree for this activity as well.

Snap & Buckle Pillow

Snap & Buckle Pillow- This is great for teaching your child how to work their hands to put buckles and snaps together. Ella has nearly mastered this, but still has trouble with the snaps. This is also a great activity that works on color matching.

Touch & Feel Wooden Discs-

DIY Touch & Feel Wooden Discs- This is another easy DIY. I bought the small round wooden circles at Michael's craft store. Using some random objects we had around the house and some hot glue we made these in just a few minutes! Ella loves feeling the sponges and describing it as "rough" and the beans as "bumpy."

Felt World Map & Animals 

Felt Map- I got this for 2 or 3$ at Michael's craft store and we love this. This is a great introductory activity to a world map and allows Ella to learn hat different places do have different climates and animals that live there. She loves just pulling out the map and playing with the animals too.

DIY Sensory Sound Shakers

DIY Sensory Sound Shakers- I shared these last week and Ella was having so much fun with them on her shelf, that we kept them around this week too. She enjoys making lots of noise! :)

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorter

M&D Shape Sorter- Ella was also loving this activity from last week, so we kept it around this week too. This helps her practice so many skills- color sorting, shape sorting, counting, etc. 

Thanks for checking out our activities for this week. We will be back tomorrow to share a brief recap of our weekend! 

-Ashley & Ella

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