Easter Basket Filler Ideas

Growing up, my Mom always did an Easter basket for us. It was one of my favorite holidays growing up, because I love stuffed animals and chocolate. She would typically get us some new bubbles, chalk, lots of candy and a stuffed animal. As a kid, it was the best! For Ella, I always keep her baskets simple. Because we celebrate lots of holidays, I never want to go too overboard. There's always another basket or gift coming soon and I also don't want to have too much 'stuff.' This year I am making Ella several things for her Easter basket myself, and will probably raid Dollar Tree to be honest with you. I think we're going to say no to chocolate this year... or maybe limit it to one thing. My child has a sweet tooth teeth like her Mom. I found so many fun and unique Easter basket fillers and even though we will probably only end up purchasing one of them for her basket, I had to share with you. Such. Cute. Stuff!

Here are some really cute basket filler options and sort of align with our Montessori style of parenting. *these are affiliate links! 

Matchbox bunny- Perfect for little ones who love to open and close things. Ella loves things that open and close, and being able to hide a bunny inside is just a bonus.

Egg shakers- These are perfect for little hands that love to shake! They are little maracas and this set comes with enough to share with friends.

Lavender scented bunny- This sweet stuffed animal is amazing! You can actually heat this up in the microwave and it will provide aromatherapy for your baby or little one.

Pretend eggs- Perfect for open-ended play time. Ella loves fake food in her kitchen, and her fake eggs are one of her absolute favorites. I think it's the opening and closing that the eggs require. 

Rainbow ribbon- A perfect addition to a sensory mystery bag, or just a fun item to have on the shelf. I think keeping something like this in the car would be smart to keep little hands stimulated and busy.

Carrot sorting game- A perfect fine motor skill activity if you usually give larger items in your Easter basket.

Play scarves- These provide endless ways to entertain your baby or toddler. These would make a great basket filler instead of that annoying straw that makes your house a total mess! 

Flower TOOB- Easter means Spring and Spring means flowers. We have been eyeing this safari ltd toob for a while. It would be great to have it for upcoming Spring activities. Ella loves little figurines. 

Wooden binoculars- These would make for such a bun basket filler and will inspire your young explorer! 

Bunny chapstick- My daughter just loves putting on chapstick, so I am definitely sneaking some in her basket.

Ribbon dancer- I have memories of playing with one of these growing up and thinking it was the best ever. Ella loves to run around and dance, and this would be a great addition to her motor skills supplies.

Watering can- A small watering can is perfect for teaching your little one 'care for environment.' I love the look and quality of this one, but you can find cheap watering cans at Dollar Tree as well.

Bunny puzzle- This would make a great addition to any shelf! 

If you have a little one, we hope you found some inspiration here! :) Have a great Friday.

-Ashley & Ella


  1. Love these ideas! I found a cute wooden egg painting craft at Dollar Tree. I plan to add new rain boots and lots of outside things (bubbles, chalk) to our baskets.

  2. Oh those eggs are a must have for our play kitchen! I love posts like these, thanks for posting!


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