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Good morning friends. I don't have a lot of new 'favorites' to share this week, so I decided to post my 'day in the life' from earlier this week instead. I did the day in the life via Instagram on Tuesday, but but decided to take the screenshots and post it here as well. It was a fun and productive day, but looking back on it, no wonder I am exhausted... :) My "days off" from work aren't really days off, are they?

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I cleaned during her entire nap, but normally a 'power clean' is 30-45 minutes and then I give myself a  break. But on this day I just spent all day cleaning. My steam mop can be found here, it's $70 and the best thing ever. (Affiliate link!)

If you haven't tried Instacart, I highly recommend it. We had our groceries within 90 minutes. Here's a referral code for 10$ off if you want to try! 

Find my book here. (Affiliate link) 

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We will be back on Monday to share our lovely weekend!

-Ashley & Ella 

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