Weekend Recap

Hi friends. I just wanted to jump on here and share some of our pictures from the weekend. We had a simple and sweet weekend at home. Michael is now off with us on both Saturday and Sunday, which is sooo nice. His practice is open Monday-Thursday and sometimes on Fridays he has other work-related things to deal with. But we sure do love having him on the weekends now! For those who have been asking, Michael's Mom is feeling much better... It has been over 3 weeks now and luckily she tested negative over the weekend. We are still waiting for a 2nd test to confirm that she is negative and then hopefully we will be able to see her this week! :) 

Here are some pictures from the weekend!


Saturday morning we spent lots of time playing with our water table in the backyard. Ella loves playing back there even if it is wet and freezing. Mom on the other hand prefers to stay inside when it's before 7 am... :) I have been adding the little color tablets to her water to make it a little more fun for her. On this day she chose yellow! Michael had a warm towel ready for her, because I knew she'd be cold.

It didn't take long before it warmed up, and Ella got to help Daddy clean up the leaves in the backyard. She had lots of fun and loves helping him. It's their 'thing' to do together.


She also loves getting to chase Daddy around. So cute.

While we were outside playing, this happened! We got solar panels installed. Michael had been talking about solar panels on our home for years (way before we ever actually owned a home.) Please excuse our messy patio area. We still haven't figured out what to do with this space and it's really dirty here from the rain that morning. 


And of course we found time to go play at the park.

Our Saturday dinner was delish! We made steak with mushrooms, butter and garlic glazed carrots, sauteed spinach and corn. 

Early Sunday morning we went to Costco and of course I forgot to take a pic of our haul... But we got mostly our household essentials like diapers, dishwasher pods and laundry detergent. We also grabbed some of our favorite produce to have on hand that we were out of- persian cucumbers, spinach, and celery sticks. I also got us some quick and easy meals for us to have at home. These are like our new 'take out' nights. We have been eating so much more at home which makes me happy.

We found the most amazing soup.

This soup is so creamy and delicious... Even Ella was a big fan.

(The proof is in the picture.)

We also got a frozen orange chicken meal that we can use for dinner on one of our late work nights. We also grabbed some frozen pad thai meals and spinach ravioli.

What are your favorite Costco essentials?

A Sunday selfie with my cutie. I can't believe how big and mature she is looking... it shocks me everyday.


A Sunday morning isn't complete without a trip to the park.


One of her favorite parts of the park near our house is this seal that she likes to ride.

We recently hung up this colorful food picture near Ella's snack table, and she was so excited about it that she wanted a pic to show it off. She saw the picture in one of my magazines and loved pointing to all the various foods in the picture, so I decided to just hang it up for her.

She wanted to show off the art print first, and then wanted to show off that she can get her own water. Haha! I plan to share more about her snack table area on one of our future Montessori posts. 

In the afternoon Michael went for a bike ride with his friend, and I didn't want to just sit at home with Ella. So we decided to go to the duck pond, a place we spend a lot of time at the beginning of this Covid business, but not much lately. Ella was SO excited to be there.


She was loving it! But would NOT wear her mask on this day. She is normally so good about wearing it, and never gives me a problem. I pray this is not the start of a rebellion! 

There were lots of people in certain areas of the park, so we had to be careful and Ella would get a little upset when I wouldn't just let her run wild.

She really wanted to pet this guy, but he wasn't exactly friendly. We abandoned that thought really fast. 


Totally unstaged, just Ella being herself. I love her and her silly spirit.


We ate chicken salad sandwiches and ravioli for dinner... And then I had a little helper with some cleaning/picking up. I look forward to when we can get back to more of our adventures, but for now I will enjoy these simple weekends at home. We hope you all have a great week and we hope to be back Friday to share our favorite moments from the week.

-Ashley & Ella

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  1. Looks like a great weekend! I miss taking my kids to the park. Now, they are old enough to be more independent and go play at friends' houses or ride their bikes around the neighborhood. I bet you all love having the backyard to play in as an option for her...especially with your beautiful California weather. Have a great week.


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