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Today I am sharing a little glimpse into Ella's adorable personal spaces. When we discovered Montessori, we learned about the importance of 'care of self' and how we can best prepare Ella's environment so she can learn to do just that- take care of herself. I started with her wardrobe area.

We got this great wooden wardrobe that is easily accessible for Ella, and allows her to take clothing off the rack herself when she makes her own outfit choices each morning. This is NOT all of her clothing. I am a minimalist, but I'm not that good, haha. I keep the majority of her clothing in her closet- and I make sure we only display a FEW options (and ones that are weather appropriate.) This prevents us from having to tell her no when she is making her own outfit choices. 

We hang up all her sweaters, shirts, dresses and pants. On the bottom shelf, we keep two tan fabric bins. One is for her pajamas, and the other is for her socks. I hope to one day add undies to that shelf too... It feels like we are so far from that day, haha. Potty-training tips are much appreciated. 

On the higher shelf, we keep a small basket with her brush, a hair tie and a selection of bows. On this day she had chosen to wear two, so we only had one left for the photo. I usually have a few options there for her. 

It is recommended to have a low hanging mirror at your child's height for self-care activities. Ella's closet doors are ceiling to floor mirrors, so we didn't need to purchase a separate one.

Here are links to some of our the products we use and love.

Thanks for checking out today's post regarding Ella's wardrobe area. We can't wait to keep sharing more spaces as we find time to document them! 

-Ashley & Ella 

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