What's in my... diaper bag!

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Hey everyone! Today, Ella and I are sharing what's in our diaper bag. I personally love reading these types of blog posts. Call me nosey, but I love seeing what other women put in their purses or bags. 

Here is our bag...

We got our diaper bag on Amazon, and have loved it so far. You can find it here. It's NOT overly large, and honestly probably would only work for one baby. But it's the perfect size for just one. I like that it's not too big and bulky, holds everything I need and is on the stylish side!

Here is everything I keep inside! (Most of the time.)

We love our portable changing pad. It holds our wipes, diapers, diaper cream and we also keep disposable bags in the zipper compartment for the real nasty diapers! 

We always keep pacifier wipes, sun screen, aquaphor, hand sanitizer wipes and a first aid kit. We almost never need the first aid kit, but I know the second I take it out, we'll need it.

I keep a little zipper bag full of random toys and objects to play with. This little kit comes in handy at restaurants if Ella gets ancy. I also try to keep a small book in our bag! 

We keep a bib and snacks in the bag at all times. The milk I only put in there if we are planning to go somewhere. These milks are great for on-the-go because they don't need to be refrigerated. The idea freaked me out at first, but I tried it myself and it tastes the same as regular milk.

 In addition to what I listed above, we always keep a change of clothes in a ziplock bag for emergencies. I try to keep a thin muslin blanket as well. 

Here is our bag all packed with our goods!

We keep the snacks, milk and bib in the front compartment.

And this is the inside. This diaper bag has so many different pockets, so there's a space for everything!

And that's our diaper bag. Thanks for checking it out! We will be back on Monday with our usual weekend recap post!

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

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  1. I love how organized your diaper bag is. I feel like mine is a huge mess. Now I want to reorganize mine.


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