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Hello everyone, and happy Thursday!!! Today I am so excited to share with you that Adrienne [from Mom Life with Adrienne] and I are co-hosting a link up together... and I think you'll all like this one. 

It's a strange title I know, but listen...

We love looking at people's stuff... Hahaha. That sounds so nosey, but let me explain. Do you remember watching Cribs on MTV? What did you think was the best part? I personally loved when they showed us their refrigerator, pantries and closets. It almost killed me when they wouldn't show us the inside of their fridge... I love seeing how people organize and what sort of stuff they buy. I also love when bloggers share what's in their purse or written in their planner. Nosey? Curious? I don't know, but if you post it, I'm here for it! I started thinking, why not make this a whole segment??? So here we are. Adrienne and I are teaming up and we're hoping you're all as nosey as we are! :P

 I posted my January topic already. 

Read that post here.

And here are the topics we have selected for the rest of this year...

So please, grab our graphic and join us! Show us how you organize your stuff!!! :)
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I'm showing you what's inside of my purse and how I organize it.  The purse I carry the most often is my Kate Spade crossbody. But at the moment, I am carrying my reversible black/brown faux leather bag.

You can find the bag here. It's on sale right now for only $27 with a coupon. 

Inside my bag, you'll find...

-Sunglasses & case
-Lens wipes
-Random drawing Ella made
-Hand & face wipes
-Teething biscuits
-Ella's sunglasses

Not pictured but also in my bag you'll find tampons and a mirror. I keep all the random little stuff tucked away in this zipper bag, so it's not loose & flying around.

And that's it!!! I can't wait to see what you all keep in your purse or bag! :)
Please be sure to share our graphic and/or tag us in your post please. If you didn't have time to show us what is in your purse, please join us next month to show us what's in your storage closet! 

I will be back tomorrow for some Friday favorites--- and we're sharing our favorites from last week too, since we were MIA due to sickness. See you all then!

-Ashley xoxo 

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  1. Love the first aid kit idea. My kids' friend had a cut yesterday and all I had to offer him was a tissue!

  2. Love the little first aid kit, I need to add that to mine too!

    1. I bought 3 of them. LOL. Haven't needed it yet, but you never know!

  3. What a fun link up! I just added all the topics to my blogging planner/calendar. I used to carry a small first aid kit with band aids all the time! I also have travel size bottles of motrin/ Tylenol/ and midol that I carry in the same small bag as my tampons and pads. One thing I have noticed is that now that my boys are so much older I don't really have anything of theirs in my bag at all anymore. It's nice to be back to just worrying about me.

  4. Omg crazy we pretty much have the same purse but in different colors. My favorite part of cribs use to be the fridge also.


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