Day in the Life

I started to document a day in the life, and sort of fell off toward the end of the day. I figured I should still post what I have ... :) It was a fun Tuesday.

I actually slept in until 6:30, when Ella woke me up via her monitor. I went to bed super early, so I must have been tired. Normally I am up around 5-5:30. Although I didn't get any morning "me time" sleeping in felt sooo good!  

Heating up Ella's milk.

Brewing coffee for Michael and I. My cup is the bigger one... Haha! 

I like lighting a candle in the morning.

Ella was super cute and cozy in her pajamas! She drank her milk while we sipped our coffees. 

Play time! Lots of lots of playing. 

After a diaper change, it was time to brush our teeth and get dressed. Ella wore her festive Halloween outfit! 

I had ordered a few various groceries online the night before- mostly things for Ella. I had scheduled pick up for between 8-9. We got there right at 8 am.

I figured I would take a picture of what I got. Mostly Ella food, except the bagels- those are for me! 

Ella ate her breakfast while I put groceries away and did dishes. She had oatmeal, eggs and fruit.

After breakfast, we cleaned up a bit and got ready to go to the park.

Ella did not like the pigeons. Haha! 

Ella's new thing is climbing the equipment to the top, and then sitting on my lap and going down the big slide. She does this like 10x in a row and doesn't get tired.

She found a shovel (not ours) but was obsessed with it.

Ella tried ringing this bell, but couldn't quite figure it out. 

Lots of sand, friends and fun. Ella's happy place is at the park. 

A nice stroll down Main Street. It was super empty but was really nice. We were heading to the library for story time which starts at 10:30. We were early and decided to play in the grass out front for a while.

This cute little cabin is right in front of the library and I love that they decorated it for Halloween.

Playing with leaves and sticks.

Ella played with the doll house in the play area of the library. 

And she decorated this ghost, with some help.

We only made it through 15 minutes of story time before Ella was too cranky to continue. We left a bit early, she refused to sit in her stroller, so I had to carry her and push the stroller home.

We got home and continued arts and crafts. Ella played with some play dough.

Ella was checking out her ghost from craft time at the library and is pretty impressed with her work.

And putting her toys in her mouth, while cracking up because she knows she isn't supposed to do that.

I prepared Ella's lunch while she played. Cod, black beans, pasta, broccoli and fruit.

Ella ate the pasta, fruit and only a few bites of fish and veggies before dumping the plate on the floor. 

After cleaning her up from her lunch, I changed her diaper and put her down for her nap. Since she was only getting one nap today, I was really hoping it would be a long one.

While she napped, I parked myself a comfy seat on the couch with my lunch. Home made chicken chili, some fritos and strawberries. I also had a couple persian cucumbers.

I did some dishes and picking up while Ella slept. I try to clean up the destructive mess she makes while she is awake. 

Once I did most of my "chores" I sat back down to watch some Cold Case Files and enjoy a little treat. I ended up watching until Ella woke up. Oops. Guess laundry will wait till later.

Ella woke up at 2. Having a 2 hour break was amazing. I was able to get a few things done around the house and had some "me" time, which is always needed.

Because Ella had such a light lunch, I offered her a bigger snack. She had some Greek yogurt and crackers.

She loved it!

More cleaning up- both Ella and her high chair.

We did some more art. I had some blank cards and envelopes in storage, so I added a few dots of paint to each, stuck them in a baggy and let Ella push the paint around. One is a Happy Halloween card for my sister, and the other is my Dad's birthday card (a little late- sorry Dad.)

I sat Ella outside the shower in hopes she would remain calm while I showered. She did not remain calm. She tried climbing inside the shower, as if I had abandoned her entirely, so I ended up just bathing her and myself at the same time. She was super clingy all day, so this came as no surprise to me.

After we were both clean, dry and somewhat put together, it was off to the post office.

 I normally just drop my letters off in the blue box near us, but I had to pick up some mailing boxes too.

The boxes didn't fit underneath on the stroller, so I had to balance them on top of the stroller on the way back home. It looked sort of ridiculous. 

One package going to the hospital for my Mom- some Halloween treats for her and other patients. Another package for my sister- some fleece pajamas for my niece and some Halloween treats for her boyfriend's son Ethan.

Ella and I had plans to go to a Trick-Or-Treat Parade in Garden Grove at 5, but we got a little lazy. Ella was having fun at home and I still needed to do laundry and make dinner, so I decided not to take her. I did want to get some pictures of Ella in her costume, and I just gave her a bucket of some Halloween candy that I plan on passing out Thursday. The pictures came out so cute!

The cutest little mouse I ever did see.

Ella played with the candy and thought that in itself was a blast. She didn't get to eat any though. #meanmomma 

After our Halloween fun, I started laundry and made Ella some dinner. Noodles with spinach, tofu, mushrooms and a tiny bit of sesame oil.

Ella loved it! She ate so much, only leaving about 1/3 of this plate leftover. She also ate an entire packet of carrot and mango puree. 

While she ate, I worked on making Michael and I our chicken fajitas from the Hello Fresh kit. I also worked on transferring the laundry and starting a second load.

I finished dinner as soon as Michael walked through the door. We ate while Ella played. She stole a few bites of chicken from me too. I don't know where that girl's appetite comes from! 

Because Ella only had one nap, she was pretty tired toward the end of the evening. We did pajamas, milk and brushed her teeth around 6:30. She was in the crib and asleep by 7. I folded laundry and worked on my blog stuff until about 8. I finally dragged myself off the sofa to fold the second load of laundry...  

Michael brewed me some hot water for tea, and I lit my candles. So cozy!

A hot cup of peppermint tea and my under eye mask- it's supposed to help with dark circles. Who knows if it works? I got them at Ulta but threw the box away. I will share the brand if I find they actually help me. It's too soon to tell! 

This is the peppermint tea that I like.
Tea + Candles + Teen Mom (my guilty pleasure.) My kind of Tuesday night! 

We were in bed and asleep by 10. And that was an example of my day off with Ella! I try to keep my Tuesdays fun and with as little as stuff to do as possible. Thanks for following along. 

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  1. LOVE day in the life posts, so fun!! Looked like a perfect day to me :)


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