Favorites for Spring -- Mom Edition

Hello everyone and happy ALMOST Spring.

Today, in addition to sharing our favorites from our week, I am sharing some of my FAVORITE finds to celebrate the start of this beautiful season. I actually love Spring... the rain is peaceful, the air feels fresh and something about Spring cleaning just gets me giddy. I know for many of you, the weather is still cold and dreary, but SPRING IS COMING so soon. Enjoy some of my favorite Spring finds and don't forget to check out our favorite moments from the week as well. 

Super cute rain boots that come in many other colors & prints. I think these are fun and unique and come at a great price. The reviews are excellent as well.

Everyone needs an umbrella! This one is super cute, inverted and wind-proof! It also protects against UV rays. 

This is a perfect little gardening bag if your Spring goal is to have a greener thumb... It comes with the tools and the gardening gloves as well.

This is my FAVORITE nail polish for both Spring and Summer. The OPI Alpine Snow polish should be an addition to everyone's nail polish collection.

I had a Columbia rain jacket for years and it was my favorite jacket ever... We live right next to a Columbia outlet store and I have been looking for another jacket with a nice color that I like. I haven't found one yet, but then I found this jacket on Amazon. I love the gray as it's neutral and will go with just about everything. 

We don't do a ton of Spring decorating around here, but a Spring wreath for the door adds just a special touch. I like replacing our Christmas wreath with seasonal wreaths all year long. 

After an entire day of Spring cleaning, I love lighting up a fresh candle... the apartment doesn't feel clean if I don't light a candle when I'm done. I love Mrs. Meyer's lemon verbena soy candles are one of my favorites. The two pack of candles is on sale right now! 

The start of a fresh Spring means I need a new pair of sunglasses... Ella spent the winter season breaking all of mine. I rarely ever want to invest in a nice pair of sunglasses because I don't have a great history with them... but I want to buy this pair for sure... and keep Ella away from them!

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  1. I love all of these! And the boots really are essential. I never knew I needed them until my kids started soccer and I had to tromp around soggy soccer fields every weekend! Have a great weekend!


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