Throwback Thursday-March Edition

Hi everyone! Every first Thursday of the month I like to look back on years past and share some of my favorite 'throwback' photos. This month I am sharing any and all memories from March. If you love looking at 'throwback' pictures like I do, please link up with us. Every first Thursday of the month, I will host this link up, and what you post is your choice! I just ask that you share my graphic and link back to my blog space.

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These are our pics from last year in March! 

When I first had Ella, I had been working part time as a nanny in addition to working as a hygienist. The family I worked for became like family to me. They allowed me to bring Ella over to their house and watch their kids and Ella at the same time. 

This pic was taken at the park on the way to the son's school. Ella spent a lot of time at that park and with those kiddos back in the day. Now that Ella is older and a bit more needy of my attention, it was too hard to balance the 3 kiddos. Plus they are both in school full time now, and need me less and less. Miss those kiddos and taking Ella over so much.

Ella was never a huge fan of carriers, but we used them a lot more last year in the Spring than we ever had before or since.

My sweet chunk. 99% sure I was using that wrong. I am not a carrier Mom. Hahaha!

The weather was a lot warmer last March too... In fact, Ella and I had her first trip to the beach!


I am dying at how cute! This was before she could even sit up on her own. I had to prop her up for these pictures. And look at those THIGH ROLLS.

More days of warm weather... I loved this outfit on my cutie pie.


Back when she was a thumb sucker! Bittersweet to see that end.

Ella did lots of tummy time this time last year. I used to fill a pan with water and toys and let her go to town. We also used to use this as a time to take off her diaper so we could air her out down there. It helped heal any redness or rashes down there!


My boogs used to love this activity.

And Ella celebrated her first St Patrick's Day. As you can see, she was thrilled.


Aw I miss my baby's little lazy eye. The doctor always ensured me it would correct itself and they were right!

And some more fun pictures... Miss my sweet baby but love the little toddler she is today!

Looking back 2 years ago, I was just a few months pregnant with Ella! My sister and brother came to California to visit me and it was so fun! The funniest part of their trip is that my sister was just DAYS pregnant too and had NO IDEA! 

Image may contain: 3 people, including Ashley Preshong and Samantha Preshong, people smiling

Our matching and very inappropriate shirts from Target.

I took them to the aquarium and got attacked in the bird exhibit.

No photo description available.

Okay not attacked, but I was really freaked out!

We walked to Main Street to partake in some St Patrick's Day activities. 

Image may contain: 2 people, including Samantha Preshong, people smiling

Seal Beach does it big!

We went out to eat to meet with our friends.

No photo description available.

And then we met some friends for drinks... The miserable pregnant girl had water. And the unknowingly pregnant girl had wine.. but her daughter is fine you guys!)

No photo description available.

Here are the topics for the rest of the year:

January- New Year/Resolutions
February- Valentines Day 
March- St Patrick's Day 
April- Spring pictures
May- Birthday
June- Summer pics/travels
July- 4th of July 
August- Summer pics/travels
September- Pregnancy pics
October- Ella's birth
November- Thanksgiving
December- Christmas

Here are some throwbacks from the past:

We'll be back tomorrow to share our favorites.

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  1. What a fun link up! I found an old post (with photos of my boys!) that had to do with some St Patrick's crafts... gosh I cannot believe how little they were when we first began homeschooling. They're giants now. A fun look back at your little one; what a difference a year makes.

    1. Aw so fun! Thanks for linking up. I love throwback photos so much... Just looking back and going down memory lane.

  2. This is a fun idea. I would have way too many pictures to share though! That's interesting that Ella's lazy eye corrected itself. I know lots of kids who need eye patches!

    1. I was worried because my little brother needed surgery to correct his when he was 5, and it still bothers him. Apparently, just like all their little muscles, things grow and correct themselves. I was so worried.


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