Life Lately

Hi everyone. Just wanted to update you all with what we've been up to lately. This new life we're all experiencing is starting to feel strangely normal. It's absolutely bizarre.

I spent much of the last week working on my puzzle... and finished it in 3 days! It's a winter puzzle and the only one I could find left on Amazon. BUT, it's super cute and I found it to be really peaceful when putting it together. It'll be fun to do this again around Christmas time. 

I have 4 more puzzles to do... hopefully they last me until the end of this thing, whenever that may be. The puzzle is from Amazon here and the mug was a gift from a friend but I think she got it at Target?

Ella has been playing with her baby a lot! This was my first doll, gifted to me by my Grammie when I was 3. I cleaned it up and passed it on to Ella. I love watching her lover her. "Orange baby" (as I used to call her) went with me EVERYWHERE.

We've been taking her on walks.


And feeding her. 

And taking her to experience the great outdoors.

We found a nature park that appeared to still be open, and went really early in the morning to get some fresh air. Ella loved seeing all the ducks!

We didn't stay long because we weren't sure if this was "against the rules." It's so hard not being able to go anywhere, even an outdoor area to walk around... Sigh.

We bought Ella a miniature slide and have been putting it outside for Ella to play on and get some sunshine.

The slide was from Amazon and if you slip it over, it turns into a rocker!

She loves playing outside, especially on the apartment building stairs (and with my gatorade apparently.)

Bubbles have been Ella's favorite thing EVER. The problem is, she dumps them out and then swims in the liquid... This happened shortly after this photo was taken.

Ella! Where are your shoes??? Get back inside! Her new thing is taking off her Crocs when we are outside. I started strapping them on instead of slipping them on, so problem solved.

We've continued to take daily family walks. Usually 2-3 walks a day actually.

Main Street has been sooo empty. It's strange seeing it this way.

Ella helping me push!

And sometimes Ella likes to sit on Daddy's shoulders. Sweet girl!

We've been cooking all of our meals at home and loving it.

Steak with broccoli, mashed potatoes and air fryer brussel sprouts. Yum!

A delicious tofu & vegetable soup. The Thai restaurant in town makes an amazing thai vegetable-tofu soup that I used as my inspiration. I must say that my version is pretty good too!

All the extra time together as a family has been such a blessing. Michael and I were saying that this really is probably the only time in our lives when everything is literally on pause, and we just get to be home with each other. This has been a hard situation in many ways, but I am trying to look at the positives.

Sweet girl has never been a snuggler, until recently. I think it's because of all our extra time together... And I love it!

I hope you're all safe & well. We have been doing so much more cooking and fun projects at home, I just keep forgetting to document it all. Being off our normal schedule and routine has totally thrown a wrench in my blogging... but I promise I will get back to it soon. Stay safe friends.

-Ashley & Ella


  1. There have been no puzzles available! Lucky you found one! I did a swap with a friend so we have one to work on too.

  2. We've been putting together lots of puzzles too! Thankfully I had a pile of them we never seemed to get around to working on. My husband's great aunt is a huge fan of puzzles and always has us take a few home to work on after she's put them together.

  3. Oh sweet Ella, she looks so big with her baby doll! We're working from home which isn't the easiest with a one year old but we're making the most of it and doing our best too. I'm loving all the extra family time but man it's still hard! Glad to see your family is doing well


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