Sensory Activity for St Patrick's Day

Hi there and today we are sharing a very easy, cheap and quick St Patrick's Day themed sensory activity for you and your little one! We recently did some reading about sensory play and why it is so important. Sensory bins are helpful in many areas of development, but especially works on developing those fine motor skills. There are so many great ideas out there for sensory play, but I love the idea of a sensory bin. Ella loves playing with little things and messy things, so I KNEW she would love this project!

Here's what we needed to make this project happen:
-A shallow container 
-Pearled couscous but rice or sand works too
-Clover beaded necklaces
-Plastic gold coins
-Green knick-knacks and toys
-Plastic cups


We buy the pearled couscous in bulk at Costco. We love to eat it too but I knew it would make the perfect base for this project. Sand just seems way too messy and we were low on rice.  We purchased the necklaces and gold coins at a craft store in their seasonal section. They were both less than 2$ with the store coupon... score!

I found random green toys and spoons we had at home to keep up with the theme! Ella loves using our measuring cups and spoons to play, so I included those too!

I prepared this project while Ella was sleeping. As soon as she woke up, I sat her in her high chair to play. I lay down a mat under her chair for easier clean up. This was her face...

Hahaha!!! She had fun playing though, I just didn't get a good pic. #bloggerfail

We took some of the coins and necklaces with us to the park to play with in the sand... it was a big hit! Some sensory play on-the-go.

We had over 8 children ask if they could play with us. There's something about digging around in sand and finding small objects that children love. We were happy to share, even if we came home with less gold coins than we went with... :) 

Let us know if you try this project and how your little one likes it!

-Ashley & Ella

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  1. Love this activity, fun & not too messy! Hoping I can pull it together this weekend :)


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