Friday Favorites

Hi everyone, and happy Friday! I have such a busy day ahead, and unfortunately it doesn't include any time with my sweet babe. I am working from 7-4 today and then after work I am going to a dental laser dinner/course with a coworker of mine. By the time I get home, Ella will be asleep. Sigh. Being a working Momma is hard sometimes. I always have guilt when I don't get to rock Ella before she goes to bed. I think I mind more than she does, but I still can't help but feel the Mom guilt. The good news is that we have no plans for our weekend, and I am sooo ready for it.

Here are some of our favorites from the week!


This sweet outfit on my baby was my favorite.

I love dressing this girl up! I always thought I would buy Ella clothes that looked like little grown-up clothes, but I actually prefer her in clothes that make her look like the toddler that she is. Bright colors and fun prints on her make me smile. Her attire with the backwards hat was my favorite outfit of the week! 


Warm days by the beach & the park are always my favorite.


We love swinging together...



My new doTERRA oil diffuser is my FAVORITE! It lights up into all these different colors and the oil blend I am using helps you rest.

My friend Bailey ordered it for me and I am loving it. I can't wait to get more oils for it.


On Thursday I had a late start at work, so I got to spend a little extra time with my loves in the morning... Always a favorite.

I love living in a place where Palm Trees exist. Seal Beach is one of my favorite places on Earth and I really hope we get to stay here forever.


I did a little Spring decorating. Not much, but the little touches of Spring & Easter are my favorite.
The pastel colors make me happy!


-We have been watching Love is Blind on Netflix, and while it's super cringy and awkward at times, I like it. I would NEVER be able to do something like that, so I am fascinated. Also love Cameron and Lauren... especially Cameron, he is so sweet and honest. The fact that he is from Maine is a big bonus in my heart.


Spring is right around the corner... I shared some of my favorite things to get ready for Spring.

Don't forget to check out that post too

And that's it for favorites this week! Have a great weekend and see you all on Monday!


  1. Aw, mom guilt is the worst isn't it? You just have to remember to focus on all the time you do get to spend together-- like all of those above!


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