Friday Favorites

Hi all and happy Friday. Man, what a week this has been! Between the virus spreading and the amount of rain we're getting, it's just making life a little miserable. We can't go to crowded places, but can't go outside either. Miss Ella is not happy!!! My schedule at work started out strong at the beginning of the week and slowly fell apart as the week went on. We'll see what today and tomorrow bring, but I suspect high cancellations! Here's hoping for better weather so we can at least get outside to play this weekend. I did throw together a short list of favorites from the week.


My new air fryer is my FAVORITE. I got mine at Target on a whim when I saw it on sale, and we've used it a bunch of time so far. We made chicken wings, fish sticks, roasted veggies, etc. We are big fans!

On Tuesday, I whipped together these parmesan brussel sprouts and they were good, but the recipe definitely needs some tweaking. Once I perfect it, I will share the recipe for you. I plan on making them again tonight!


Michael had Monday off from work due to high cancellations (virus related) so he was home all day. His patients are apparently a lot more cautious than mine, because my schedule at work has been packed! I work 11-7 on Mondays, so we had the morning together and that was my favorite!

Michael snuck Ella out of the house for a an hour, so I could enjoy some coffee in peace and it was bliss.


Ella is getting a lot better at imitating me, and it's sooo cute!


I mean, seriously? So funny and cute! 


Fun days off our our favorite! Tuesday was my only day off this week and it was raining. We got to We Play Loud as soon as they opened and before any other kids were there. Places like this make me nervous in the midst of all this flu and virus talk. But, we practiced good hand hygiene and I may have kept lysol wipes in my purse... :) Now that the virus is officially in our community and spreading, we definitely won't find ourselves at a place like this for a while.

Ella loves this place so much, and definitely prefers other kids there, but I prefer it first thing in the morning... clean and empty. 

Another favorite from Tuesday, was running errands with my booger. We had to drop off some stuff at The Post Office and decided since it stopped raining to talk a walk down Main street. Ella made herself quite comfortable on all the benches and waving to people as they walked by.

And of course, Minnie Mouse had to tag along! Obviously.


Evening walks have been our favorite... when it's dry! 


Ella is so cute when we take her. She loves walking independently, and eyeing everyone that we pass.

And some sad updates... NOT favorites.

We decided to sell our Post Malone tickets, given everything that's going on. And now I am 99% sure the concert is cancelled. So now, we will refund that person their money, and I am not sure if we will be refunded our money that we spent originally. Sigh.
The 10k I was planning on running at the end of the month was also cancelled. My favorite place on earth is closed until April... Disneyland. I am sure you all heard. You know it's serious business when they close! I am glad everyone is taking it seriously. As much as I would love to live my life as normal, I am NOT the population that is at high risk of complications from this. I had patients this week who are terrified of catching it, because if they do, they could die. Isn't that scary?

Stay healthy out there everyone. Wash those hands and be smart!!!

We'll be back Monday to recap our weekend. I pray we are able to find some fun and joy being stuck in our tiny apartment all weekend :)

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

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