Weekend Recap


Hey everyone, and happy Monday! We had such a nice weekend. It was the first weekend that EVERYONE was healthy in a long time... All last week I battled a lot of respiratory stuff and when I tell you I am done being sick, I mean I am DONE!  Friday night I was supposed to go to a laser dinner course with a friend of mine, but she ended up coming down with a stomach virus (apparently everyone's getting sick!) I didn't want to go by myself, so I decided to head home to my babies instead.

Because of the current situation with the coronavirus and a lot of unknowns, we figure it's probably better to limit Ella's exposure by not going to places with big crowds in tight quarters. I have been itching to go to Palm Springs, and take the tram up the mountain. But unfortunately that means a lot of people in a very tight space... So we decided we'll wait a bit longer and see how this virus spreads before planning anything.

Despite not being able to take our weekend trip as planned, it was still still beautiful and relaxing. Living in Seal Beach truly makes everyday feel like a vacation. I highly recommend visiting our sweet community if you're ever in Southern California.           

Okay... Onto our weekend!


I got home from work around 4:30. Michael was so surprised to find out I was going to be staying home that night, instead of going to my course. I don't think either of us were that upset... But I do feel bad that my friend Jenny is sick. (Feel better girl!) We decided to go to sushi happy hour at a place across the street from our apartment for dinner.


Ella sat with her Dad the whole time, which was so nice. I got to eat an entire meal in peace. She was on her best behavior! We got a chicken teriyaki bowl for Ella. She loved the rice and ate some chicken too! She also had some edamame and some tofu from the miso soup. I love that we are able to find food options for her everywhere we go now.

Ella insisted on feeding her Dad some food and it was so cute.

We ended up ordering wayyyy too much food. We got a few rolls, edamame, shishito peppers and stuffed mushrooms. 

We came home and played, read books and were silly. Ella attacked Mickey with some cuddles & kisses.

Overall, a great Friday night!


Saturday started bright and early... Ella started tossing and making noise at 4:45, so I was unable to go back to sleep. She was officially 'up' a little before 6. WAY too early. We need to get our girl back on a 7 am wake up schedule. Tips please???

Michael works most Saturdays, so we walked him out.

Not the best pic, but Ella loves her Daddy! 

Ella and I did our usual Saturday thing... Target and the park. 

I knew bathing suits were on sale and I wanted to get Ella another one for this Summer. They had these bathing suits with snaps in the diaper area for easy changes and I was like YES, we need one. I cannot WAIT to take Ella out swimming in this ensemble.

So darn cute.

While I was there, I saw an air fryer on sale and texted Michael to ask if we should get it. I have mentioned several times before that I have been wanting one. Michael approved and so I grabbed it! 


We love it!

After Target, Ella and I headed to the park. We were there for almost 2 hours, just running, playing, climbing and burning energy!

Such sweet times with my beautiful baby.

Poor Ella went so fast down this slide that she flipped over and scraped her face. She normally slides by herself perfectly fine, but I think the speed on this one surprised her. She didn't even cry and is a-okay.

After coming home and having a bit of lunch, we decided to blow some bubbles outside before nap time.


Ella loved the bubbles!

During Ella's nap I did a lot of cleaning and laundry... You know #momlife. I normally let myself relax and watch or read something... but this day I went hard and hand washed our kitchen floor and walls. After Ella's nap, Michael's parents came over for a bit to spend some time with her. I made some curry as a late lunch and knew Michael would eat some when he got home from work too. 

Once Michael was home and had eaten something, we decided to take an evening walk as a family.


We got some great family pictures too!

These two steal my heart everyday!

The three of us. That little piece of hair across my forehead is driving me crazy.


By the time we left, the sun was setting and it was soo beautiful!

After our walk, we stopped at the store to get wings and fries to try in our new air fryer! Everything came out so yummy! It was a good late night Saturday snack to enjoy with a glass of wine-- and cheaper than going out!

I watched some Vampire Diaries on my laptop before going to bed.


Ella 'slept in' until 7. I was shocked until I remembered that the clocks skipped an hour. So really, she woke up right on her normal schedule! 


The weather was gorgeous, so we took a walk to the local cafe for breakfast.

I got bacon, eggs, potatoes and toast. Michael got a breakfast crepe. Ella shared with me! 

We walked down to the park for some sunshine!

We made a family trip to Costco, but Ella fell asleep in the car on the way there, sigh. Which in turn ruined her normal nap schedule. Our day was already off due to daylight savings time... but the cat nap in the car ruined it even more. 

After putting groceries away and making some lunch, we tried putting Ella down for a nap. She sat in her crib babbling for 30 minutes before I decided we would just try again later in the day. I knew her cat nap was going to ruin it! We changed and packed a small bag and headed to the beach. In the sunshine it was sooo warm and nice.

Bathing suit from Target

Sitting in the sunshine and listening to the sound of the waves was just what I needed!


I made Ella a sandcastle and she kept destroying it. She had fun digging in the sand for seashells. 

After some fun in the sun, we needed a little something to cool off... Ice cream! We walked down Main Street to go to a little family owned shop to get a scoop for Ella.

Needless to say she was a big fan. Cookie butter? Yes please!


We stopped by the library to enjoy our ice cream on the grass out front. 


Ella fell asleep in the stroller on the way home, and of course Michael fell asleep also. How come Momma is never the one napping? I finished up some laundry (did over 5 loads this weekend-sigh) and ran to the store to grab a few missing ingredients for dinner. 

I made a lemon-chicken-broccoli and spinach pasta with cheesy garlic bread on the side for dinner. It was yummy!

And Ella approved! 

We ended our night with baths, snuggles and an early bedtime for all. 

Thanks for reading about our weekend! 
-Ashley & Ella xoxo


  1. Looks like a great weekend, especially that beach!

  2. What a great weekend! That little suit is absolutely precious on Ella! Love how much outdoor time you guys got this weekend, too.


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