Throwback Thursday- New Years

Hey everyone! We are back with our first "Throwback Thursday" post of the year. It's hard to believe 2020 is here already. I can't wait to share what we've been up to, but that's a post for another day!

We are going to be hosting this link-up for Throwback Thursday posts every 1st Thursday of the month. I plan on sticking with a theme for each month, but you can post whatever throwback photos you want! Here are some of my theme ideas but may be subject to change...

January- New Year/Resolutions
February- Valentines Day 
March- St Patrick's Day 
April- Spring pictures
May- Birthday
June- Summer pics/travels
July- 4th of July 
August- Summer pics/travels
September- Pregnancy pics
October- Ella's birth
November- Thanksgiving
December- Christmas

For today's post, I am sharing our New Years Eve memories from last year... Last year at this time we had a 2 month old, were sleep deprived and I was still suffering from a bit of postpartum anxiety. 

This was us early that morning. I look exhausted and was probably feeling pretty exhausted.

Ella looks milky & sleepy! I miss those newborn snuggles so much.

Morning walks have apparently always been a favorite. 

We got dressed up for New Years celebrations.

Someone was not happy!!!

We went to our friend's home, as I recall. But we didn't stay until midnight because we had to get our stinker home for bed. Ella was not and has never been good at sleeping places besides home in her own bed.

Here is Miss Ella the next day, on January 1st. She was so sweet and still is! 

I don't think I had many goals or resolutions last year. I was just trying to get through the newborn days with as much sleep as I possibly could. We made it, obviously. I am doing a whole post on this New Year's resolutions and how we are going to be better as a family in the New Year. 

We will be back tomorrow with our Friday favorites from the last couple of weeks! 

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  1. Oh sweet Ella! Gosh those newborn days are rough though, even though it doesn't feel like it when you're in the thick of it thank goodness it goes by pretty quick!


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