Black Friday Deals

There are lots of Black Friday deals going on right now. I tried to find the best deals I could on Amazon and share them with you all. There's some really fun stuff and I am only sharing a few. These are larger items, but come at a great price this Black Friday!

The Echo Show is such a great deal right now! It's normally $90 but is on sale for only $49.99. That's almost half off! I am going to get one for my Dad and one for us, so we can video chat. He is not super tech savvy and does NOT want a smart phone. This will be a way for us to video chat, finally! 

Another great deal is the Kindle Fire HD Tablet. It's normally around $80, but its on sale now for $49.99! This makes a great gift this time of year. 

The cordless Dyson is vacuum goals. Right now, you can get one for $524. It's pricey for a vacuum but I have heard NOTHING but good things about them! 

This Aerogarden is 50% off right now!!! What an amazing addition to your kitchen space. Fresh herbs and lettuce and easy to grow! I know someone that has one and loves this!

I had no idea Amazon sold MacBooks! This 13 inch Air is only $699! That is the cheapest deal I have seen on them, ever! If you are in need of a new laptop, you can't beat this deal.

Robot vacuum, what more do I need to say?? These are amazing!

The Instant Pot. Everyone is obsessed with these. We don't have room for one right now, but when we have a forever home one day, I am definitely going to consider one.

And finally, this Melissa & Doug Dollhouse, that is almost 50% off. I wish Ella was old enough to play with a dollhouse, because I so want to get this! 

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  1. We picked up an Echo Show for ourselves & one for my in-laws who live in another state as Christmas gifts too, just so we can more easily video chat! Too funny ;)


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