Weekend Recap

Hello all and happy Monday. We are here to give a brief recap of what we did over the weekend. As usual, it was super laid back and fun! 

Saturday morning began with peanut butter pancakes for breakfast. I used the Kodiak flapjack mix, and melted some peanut butter which I mixed in the batter. I also used milk instead of water. Ella was a big fan! 

Kodiak Cakes Whole Grain Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix - Original Buttermilk - 20 oz (1lbs 4 oz)

We got ours at Costco!

After breakfast, we got dressed and ready to go! I had an order to pick up at Kohls, and wanted to check out the new Burlington Coat Factory.

My little sidekick! 

We went to Kohls and walked the entire store before I stopped at guest services to pick up my online order. They have all their Christmas stuff out right now, so it's so fun to walk around and just browse. 

Here's what I picked up. All of it for Ella, of course!

Ella really needed warmer fleece pajamas, as it's been super cold at night here. We got that and a few cute long sleeve tops! There were such great deals at Kohls. I got a bunch of stuff for Ella and several things for my niece for less than 100$ and got 35$ back in Kohls cash. 

After Kohls, we walked to Sprouts to grab a few things. And grabbing a few groceries, we went to check out Seal's newest store- Burlington Coat Factory.

At BCF, I found this cheap baby accessory set for Ella to use with her doll. (Her doll looks super ragged because it was mine when I was just 3 years old. I carried it around for much of my childhood and she has gotten lots of love!) The accessory set was only 3$! I was going to wrap it for Christmas, but Ella was already playing with it as soon as it came out of the bag.

Ella enjoyed feeding her baby. 

After playing, it was time for Ella to feed herself! 

Chicken nuggets, avocado, green beans and spaghetti noodles for lunch.

A trip to the park after lunch, our usual weekend routines.

So much fun! She is so silly.

We did some snuggling after we got home. The park wore us out!

Michael got home around 4. We decided to check out 2nd and PCH and go to Shake Shack for dinner. When we arrived, we found out it wasn't open to the public yet, so we went to Whole Foods instead. Pizza and burritos for the win. And unfortunately, we scarfed it all down before we could take any pics! I am pretty sure I fell asleep before 9 o'clock.

Sunday mornings are the best. I love Sundays because nobody has to work, and we almost never have any plans scheduled on Sundays.

Sunday began on the lazy side, lots of snuggles on the couch.

It was a frigid 50 degrees, so we bundled up and went for a walk to get coffee.

Ella liked the coffee shop, as they had a play area for her. I had been to the coffee shop only once before and didn't really look around, but it was super cute.

Gorgeous morning in Seal.

We did lots of playing at the park and headed home for a nap. While she napped, I got myself ready for the day, prepared a lunch for Ella and did some cleaning.

Awake from her nap! And Ella woke up ready to go! She practiced her walking with her walker. THis is the first time I have ever seen her do this successfully... She is getting SO good you guys. I think we will have a walker soon.

I enjoyed a few chapters in my new book! My kindle has officially stopped working, so I have to abandon my e-books until I figure out how to fix it...And I don't want to read them via my laptop. It totally ruins the appeal of reading. I saw this on sale at Target, so I am giving it a go. I wont forget about my e-books though. 

Ella struggled with some tummy trouble. Switching to whole milk has been a little harsh on her stomach.

Snuggles with Mommy helped make it all better!

Michael and I got ready to go out to lunch together. We were going to drop Ella off at his parents so we could celebrate our anniversary- 8 years of being together!

Korean BBQ for lunch with a glass of Chardonnay for me. So yummy! 

We stopped at the mall after and I got this zip up from Uniqlo. It was on sale for only 25$.
Uniqlo Fleece: Pink Solid Women's Jackets & Outerwear - Size Medium
I have it in black already, and wear it all the time!

We picked Ella up and surprise! Grandpa got Ella a present. A gigantic Mickey Mouse. We all crammed in the back seat for the ride home... Ella was loving it and thought Mickey riding with us was so funny.

We spent the evening just cozy at home. We had some tea, I did some reading and Ella did lots of playing. She had some more tummy troubles in the evening, so I gave her a warm bath which lasted all of 30 seconds. She gets super clingy when her tummy bothers her, which makes it hard to do things to soothe her.

Cozy pajamas and a movie was the trick to helping her feel better! 

Ella and her doll have matching night gowns and it's the cutest thing ever.

We snuggled and played until it was bedtime for Ella. She went to sleep around 7:30. We did some cleaning, watched a little tv and I went to bed early.

That was our weekend! Thanks for reading, and have a great week.

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