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Friyay is finally here! 

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Happy Friday everyone!!! I had the best week, and I hope you all did too. I have the entire day off with Michael and Ella today and I am JOYOUS! I can't wait to share my favorites with you all and then I am going to go enjoy my day off with my loves. Have a great weekend, we'll be back Monday with a recap of the weekend. Xoxo

[I also did a post for my favorite stocking stuffer ideas for Moms... because as soon as November strikes I am in Christmas shopping mode!!!  You can check out that post here or by clicking above.]

Michael snapped this picture of Ella and I snuggling on the couch and it's my new favorite.

Ella and I wearing our new warm clothes in this beautiful Fall weather is my favorite. I love my new jacket and Ella is cozy in her newest sweatshirt. The weather in the mornings is cool, usually around 50 degrees, it's wonderful! And look at Ella's beautiful face- she's clearly loving it.

Someone learned to stand up without holding on this week!!! She is still too afraid to do it often, but if I can find a reason for her to let go, like feeding herself in this pic, then she will.

She also loves squatting and has a perfect grumpy face, which is hilarious.

Morning walks to The Coffee Bean for a treat are always my favorite.

Ella enjoyed a warm sample of gingerbread. She wanted more samples but I limited her to just one :)

I got my usual, a Hazelnut Americano. But I tried a sample of their holiday tea latte and it was AMAZING. I have to go back at least once this season to get it.

Michael's Dad got Ella this MASSIVE Mickey Mouse at Costco and it's been a funny addition to our home. Ella is still deciding what she thinks about it. And as you can see, she's stealing a sip from Michael's water cup.

We went to the aquarium on Tuesday and Ella had a BLAST. The aquarium is one of my favorite places to take her and because we have a membership, we go a lot.

Ella's new Frozen outfit that my Dad sent her for her birthday is a favorite as well!

I love how curious she is.

We made some quick Thanksgiving art using washable paint and cardstock. It is SO cute and my absolute favorite. I can't wait to look back on her little art projects when she is older.

Hello Fresh has been such a blessing and so helpful for us these days. We have been eating delicious, healthy meals at home and making them ourselves. This was their Beef "Korean" Bi Bim Bap. We added the egg ourselves. It was YUM!

We have completely eliminated bottles from our life and Ella adjusted SO well. It's definitely harder to get her to drink the same amount of milk out of her cup/straw but I am just happy to see that she doesn't miss her bottle. We've been incorporating more yogurt and other calcium sources to make up for it. Instead of waking up and having a 6-8 oz bottle, she has 4 oz in her cup and then eats breakfast right away. She totally doesn't miss her bottle at all. It does make me sad not to hold her in her rocking chair feeding her a bottle, but I am so proud of my big girl.

That's it for our favorites this week. We will be back Monday with a recap of our weekend. 

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  1. Enjoy your day with your little fam!! Ella is looking SO big suddenly standing on her own :)


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