Favorite Stocking Stuffer Ideas (Newborn+)


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I remember when I first had Ella, I was a little sad that I felt like I couldn't participate in the usual holiday fun, because I had this new life depending on me and I simply 'didn't have time.' I didn't decorate our place in our usual decor and I don't even think I bought anyone gifts? That time was such a blur, I don't even remember. I did however, put together a stocking for Ella. While putting it together I kept thinking, is this worth it? She's a baby... will she even use this stuff? Well the truth is, she did. I was able to find enough useful small newborn items that were still festive and fun, and I want to share that with you all. Some of these items are for older babies as well. Looking at this list, I would be comfortable putting all of these things in Ella's stocking this year too. 

A Santa stuffed toy. It's only 6 inches tall, so it will fit nicely in the foot of the stocking.

First Christmas ornament. So special! 

Festive holiday shoes. These are TOO cute.

Santa teether. These teethers are going to be your baby's favorite. Ella got a carrot one for Easter, and I might have to get this one for her this year. 

vanberfia Unisex Baby 6pairs Baby Kids Cartoon Christmas Holiday Toddler Children's Socks (S/0-1years, BXB070)

Festive holiday socks

Spoons designed for baby led weaning. A practical gift!

A Christmas rattle.

little toothbrush/gum massager. The hygienist in me loves this as a gift... 

A teething book. Ella loves these books that make the crinkly noise. She was obsessed for a while!

A reindeer lovey. You can never have too many of these.

Get practical and throw some mini tubes of diaper cream in there. The Triple Paste is our favorite.

California Baby Calming Bubble Bath, No Tear, Pure Essential Oils for Bathing, Hot Tubs, or Spa Use, Moisturizing Organic Aloe Vera and Calendula Extract (13 fl. ounces)

Bubble bath is always a good idea.

Earth's Best Organic Pumpkin Cranberry Apple Baby Food Puree - Stage 3 - Case Of 12 - 4.2 Oz.

And because babies can't have sweet treats in their stocking, you can sneak in a festive puree if your baby is ready! 

Some other GREAT places to shop for a Stocking---

Target- Almost ANYTHING from the Target Dollar Bins. We got a few things from the bins this year.

The Dollar Tree- They have stickers, play cards, balls, figurines etc.

I hope you enjoyed my list! There are SO many great ideas out there for stockings. I just love reading all the gift guides! Happy shopping friends xoxo


Just for fun, here are some throwback pictures of Ella last year with her stocking...

I literally can't even deal with how little and cute she was.
My little sweetheart! 

They grow SO fast.

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