Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday all. It has been a long week around here and it's not over yet! Ella has been sick since Wednesday and I can't wait for it to be over. She has hand foot and mouth and it's awful! :( The downside to our park and fun adventures... germs! The doctor said she should be feeling better by the weekend. I work today from 7-4 and tomorrow from 8-12. This is my one Saturday a month work day, of course it falls on the week that my poor girl is sick. Sigh. I am struggling with Mom guilt this week!

Now for something more positive... some favorites.


Michael got me an Annual Disneyland Pass for our 8 year anniversary. I was so excited! We only live 30 minutes away and if I go at least 3 times during the year, the pass would have paid for itself. It just made sense for us to get a pass. Ella gets in for free until shes 2, so we're taking advantage of that as well. I went with Ella on my day off Tuesday. Here are a couple of pics from our trip...

I am working on a separate post about our trip to Disneyland and a few tips I could think of. Disneyland was definitely the highlight of my entire week. The Christmas decorations just made it so magical, even more than usual.


My new sweater from Kohls. These are my only pics of it, but it was a great deal for only $15.

I tried to find it online and I can't! I will share if I find it.


Ella is getting really confident with standing, and with clapping. If I sing "if you're happy and your know it..." she will clap her hands. It is the cutest and my favorite thing ever. 


Once it starts to cool down here, the beach and pier empty out. I love the cool, calm and peaceful mornings so much.


I worked on a post about my FAVORITE stocking stuffers for a baby in your life!
You can read that post here.

That's all for favorites this week. Please keep Ella in your prayers and let's hope this nasty bug is gone SOON. We will be back on Monday with a weekend recap and a post about our Disneyland trip! xoxo 

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