Friday Favorite-- Our Christmas Home Tour

Happy Friday! 

It has been such a busy couple of weeks! My Dad was here for almost 2 weeks and left Tuesday night. Since then, I have been trying to get our household back to normalcy. I don't have a list of traditional favorites for you all this week. Instead I decided I would share our very brief Christmas Apartment tour with you all.

Welcome to our Christmas Apartment Tour! It's short and sweet, and I still want to add a few pictures, but grab a cup of coffee and come on in! xoxo

A small wreath on our front door!

And a festive matt when you walk in, to dry off your shoes. I got this for $8 at Burlington Coat Factory. 

Our attempt at creating an entryway. Our door is to the left. It's tight but we make it work! We use the dresser to store extra shoes, toys, sunglasses, keys etc.

I recently added this small sign to the key hook. It gives the area a small pop of color and it's a festive touch.

A few fun decorations on the dresser in our living room. As much of an eyesore it is, I couldn't put away our air purifier. It's great for taking smells and dust out of the air. We got it when we were pregnant for Ella's room, but we have a Dyson in there now. If you're in the market for an affordable air purifier, you can find the Levoit here.

Our kitchen table. A table runner from Target and a bowl of Christmas ornaments... and a bottle warmer #Momlife. We don't even use bottles anymore but Ella still likes warm milk in her cup!

Our coffee bar got a couple of fun additions.

A couple of small wooden signs from Kohls.

A bottle brush tree from Target, my festive sugar dish from Homegoods and my snowman mug in the back. (I think the mug is from Hobby Lobby??)

Our festive mat in the kitchen, also from Burlington Coat Factory. I got this the same day as our entryway mat! 

Cinnamon and cedar wood hand soap, and a gingerbread house to place my sponge.

On the bartop, I redecorated my tiered tray to reflect the Christmas season. 

This is our tiny kitchen with almost no cupboard/counter space! I do my best to keep it looking clutter free, but it's so hard because our storage is so limited.

Moving on to the living room...

Our bookshelf got a few fun Christmas touches. We have to keep it super simple because it's in Ella's reach. Our sofa looks pretty much the same, with the exception of a festive red Merry pillow.

And now our view from the sofa. The front door is to the right of the TV stand.

I took this picture before my decorating was 100% complete. Above our blanket bin, we now have this sign...

And I love it! 

Just a couple small things. I need to print some pictures from last year to put in the Santa & Me picture stand. 

The end table next to the sofa just got a few small things.

We're going to keep Ella's Christmas books out for easy reading this holiday season.

Our fake tree is a bit lopsided and imperfect, but it's ours. 

Yes I have gifts already under our tree! I have nowhere else to put them, so under the tree they go! AMAZINGLY, Ella hasn't tried to destroy the presents or the tree yet.

And finally, Ella's room.

A mini Christmas tree, our homemade ornament and a pinecone on the stand next to her rocking chair.

And a simple Santa wall decoration for above her light switch.

And that's it! Our very brief Christmas apartment tour. I can't wait to look inside your homes as well.


  1. I love how you created an entryway with that dresser. Great idea, and lots of storage. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. Thank you! It was the best option for our small apartment. We need all the storage we can get! Thanks for checking out our tour!

  2. I love all the Christmas cheer sprinkled throughout!! Your tiered tray is so festive too.


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