Prime Purchases

Linking up with Tanya to share my most recent prime purchases.

Everything you see is for Ella... Typical, right? Ella got a few Amazon gift cards for her birthday, so I used them to get her some new toys that are more age appropriate for her.

Image result for meme about buying stuff for your kids when shopping for yourself

Haha! This is funny and true... But luckily Ella was able to get these things with her gift cards, so I felt a little less guilty.

Ella is growing, changing and developing. Her interests are doing the same. She has lost interest in a lot of her regular toys and I know she's looking for something different. After doing some research, I found some great toys that are age appropriate for her. We are still hanging on to most of her old toys, because I know as she gets older we can put them back into rotation. A lot of the 'baby' toys, I have already put away.

A simple shapes puzzle. We can use this to work on identifying colors, shapes and Ella can practice her dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

I KNOW Ella is going to like this car ramp. I had a toy like this growing up and I remember loving it. She can start to learn a bit of physics, and this will also stimulate her focus! 

Ella played with a xylophone at a friend's house and she had so much fun with it. I realized we never got her one and that she might love it. She seems to enjoy hitting things and music, so I think this will be a hit.

A big bag of building blocks! These are always a hit with kids. Ella's still figuring them out, but I know she'll love them as she gets older.

I have also ordered Ella a few new dresses for the Fall/Winter. I got them a bit big, so she can continue wearing them as she grows.

A sweet little llama dress.

And a super sweet dress for Christmas time.

And some other random stuff we've gotten lately...

I ordered this mat to go under Ella's high chair to catch spills, food etc. I was impressed by the size and the quality. This will be great to put under the table for art projects as Ella grows. 

The only bibs that should exist for feeding a messy child... Seriously. They are so easy to clean. 

And that's it for this month's Prime Purchases.

I also made a post of my favorite Amazon Fashion finds... which I also included in the link up. But you can find that post here.

Thanks for reading, and thanks Tanya for hosting this link up! 


  1. Yes, it seems everything I buy these days is for the baby lol! That Christmas dress is PRECIOUS!!!

    1. I can't wait for Ella to wear it when she goes to meet Santa! <3

  2. That Christmas dress is just darling. Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  3. What cute toys and clothes! I often tell myself I must stop too but do click add to cart anyway...


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