Weekend Recap- Veteran's Day

Happy Monday all, and Happy Veterans Day.  Use this day to thank a veteran for their service and making our country a safer place. Freedom is not free, and we need to remind ourselves of that. 

I am spending this lovely Monday working from 11-7, making smiles cleaner and brighter! Before we start our week, we wanted to share our weekend with you. We had lots of fun! In normal weekend fashion, we did LOTS of relaxing and even more playing!!!


Mornings at the park when everything is a little damp means a total mess! Ella had an absolute blast anyway, and couldn't care less that she was damp and covered in sand.

In the afternoon, we went to 2nd & PCH to try some Shake Shack... But there was a 30 minute wait, boo! I was not willing to stand in the line, so we changed plans.

Ella enjoyed playing in the grassy children's area.

Michael got me a Boba Milk Tea, it was delish.

We decided to drive a bit further and get some Pho instead of Shake Shack, since we hadn't had it in a while. Ella also really likes the noodles! 

No pics of my food, but I got this as my fortune and I thought it was funny.

We stopped at the craft store on the way home and I worked on Ella's Christmas Eve Basket... will share more on that later... But here's a sneak peak.

We did some other crafts at home. Ornaments and some painting.

That's all I have for pictures of Friday. Ella skipped her second nap, so she was in bed by 6:30!!! Michael and I made dinner at home, and I was in bed by 9. Wild Friday night!


Saturday we were up at 6:30. We had a lazy morning at home, and then went to brunch at Toast Kitchen & Bakery in Costa Mesa.

A caramel latte. It was so good!

Ella had some scrambled eggs.

I had chicken and waffles. Michael got pulled pork chilaquiles.

After brunch, we stopped by the Santa Ana Zoo. It was our first time going.

I took Ella on the carousel.

She was terrified.

Ella and I went on a train ride around the park. She actually loved it, despite her scared face.

We saw some llamas.

After the train ride, we walked around to enjoy the animals.


There were also a bunch of primates but it was hard to get pictures of them.

Michael and I have never seen an anteater before, and we both thought it was the weirdest looking animal.

Water break because it was so darn hot!

These two.

It was a fun day at the park! We got home, rested a bit and got ready for a wedding... 

My old coworker Jeanette got married and it was Ella's first wedding!

As you can see, Ella wasn't feeling it at first..

But once she got some food and did some dancing, she was a happy girl!!! This girl loves tacos.

We left around 7, because we wanted Ella to get to bed at a regular time and the music at the wedding was a little loud for her.


Michael and I were so exhausted from the zoo and wedding on Saturday, that we left the apartment a total mess before going to bed... Normally,  we clean up everything before we go to sleep. This is what our living room area looked like Sunday morning. YIKES!

I was severely close to a breakdown just looking at it... What. On. Earth!

I cleaned while Ella played. Thank goodness she was well behaved and let it happen. It was sooo needed. Still some toy clutter, but much better than before.

I miss my area rug that we used to have, but it was ripping and stained. We haven't decided on a new one or not, or if it's even worth it right now. We're thinking we might just stick it out and wait for when we buy a house.

Ella prefers her toys everywhere and a total mess... :)

After cleaning and vacuuming, we went to the park. Ella watched the dogs and their owners playing at the park, and the soccer players on the field next door.

Ella played while I browsed Facebook. And I stumbled upon this. Yes! I can't wait. The Polar Express, Santa Clause 1, Home Alone, and Jingle All the Way are my favorites! 

Later in the afternoon, Michael and I decided to give Shake Shack another try. This time we ordered ahead on the app, so we didn't have to wait in line! 

We had fun! 

Ella stole a few french fries. And somehow I managed to forget to take a pic of the food. I am the worst blogger ever.

Yet, I managed to take a picture of the parking lot? I think I thought the trees looked pretty.

The rest of our day was a blur... we did a lot of laundry and cleaning. I went to the grocery store to get some foods for Ella... the usual bananas, eggs, milk, tofu etc. We put groceries away and I threw together something quick for dinner.

It was a chicken sausage and spinach ravioli pasta dish. It was easy and delicious. After dinner, we gave Ella a bath, read her some books and put her to bed by 7. 

I enjoyed some tea + tv before going to bed early myself. And that was our weekend. Have a great Monday, we'll see you back tomorrow!!!

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  1. The christmas eve basket is such a great idea!! I can't wait to see what you put in there! Ella is a doll - they are just so fun aren't they?! Hope you have a great week ahead! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston


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