Friday Favorites

I decided to share a round up of my favorite moments from the week, even though I didn't take a ton of pictures. I think my family appreciates these posts, so I will share what I have. xoxo

We love playing with leaves and making grumpy faces.

I finally collected an assortment of her toys to leave in our stroller and bring with us to the park. You'd think these were brand new toys. She was SO excited.

We love snuggling. Ella doesn't really... but I do! She's not a super cuddly girl anymore. That ended around 8-9 months and it's so sad! 

But she does know how to make herself quite cozy on the couch while watching a movie... and that is just too sweet!

Michael making dinner = always my favorite! Messy but DELICIOUS! 

Art projects have become a new favorite. Coloring, paint and play dough! She is still a bit young for it all, but the more we play the better she'll get and understand.

Our sweet little mouse! She went out trick-or-treating on Thursday with her Dad while Mom was at work. He took her to Main Street during the day and got lots of yummy treats. She got to try a piece and watching her eat it was soooo cute.

Peppermint tea and candles at the end of a long day!

My office dressed up as Despicable Me for Halloween, and our boss was Gru! So funny. I was so happy that I was able to get out a bit early and only had to stay until 5 instead of 7.

That's my very short list of pics!  I have been wanting a better camera to take higher quality photos but I am wondering if I should just upgrade my phone... I still have the iPhone 6 and it works okay, but I don't know that I would carry a separate camera everywhere I go. What do you guys think? Camera or new Iphone? Thanks for your advice. Have a great weekend!

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