Christmas Eve Basket + Ornament Craft

Happy Wednesday! Sharing a fun little activity with you all today. A little different Pin It and Spin It for you. The Christmas Eve Box is a growing trend on Pinterest. I decided to do a basket instead and wanted to share it with you all! 

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The Pin: 

50 Fascinating Gift Ideas from Santa_26

My Spin...

Instead of a box, I decided to go with a Christmas Eve basket. I started with a basket I got at Michael's Craft Store for 50% off. I liked the size and the inner basket lining is cute but removable, so the basket can be used all year long, not just at Christmas time.

I bought 99 cent letters for the outside and used a command strip to attach them- again, so I can remove them and use the basket again for something else later! When you are in a small apartment like we are, you have to make sure everything you own will serve multiple purposes.

 Inside, I put the following items:

Warm pajamas
A book- Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer
A Christmas Eve craft- a snowman ornament to put on the tree
A yummy snack- a pumpkin cranberry and apple puree
Hot cocoa (replacing before Christmas Eve but put some in for the pic)

We wanted to keep it simple, since Ella can't enjoy most of the other things I listed above. It will be fun to do this every year, and see which new items we are able to add to her Christmas Eve basket.

Other fun items to add would be things like:

Cookie mix - to make for Santa
"Reindeer food"
A holiday movie
Cozy socks
A fun Christmas mug

While I was at Michael's, I found a lot of fun crafts! This is a fun project Ella and I did together...

Image result for plastic ornament removable top

These plastic ornaments have a removable top, so you can decorate them however you want. And they were only $1. Because Ella's dexterity is limited, we stuck to sticking festive pom poms inside instead of paint or anything too complicated. I took a picture of Ella and I from last year at Christmas to put inside. Voila. The easiest ornament project ever...

I hung it up on the little tree that we're putting in Ella's room this year.

I hope you enjoyed our little Christmas projects.

Do you and your family do Christmas Eve Boxes for your kids?
What fun traditions do you have for Christmas Eve?


  1. Such a cute idea! We were never home on Christmas eve (or if we were we had a HUGE crowd here with us) so our traditions were often sprinkled throughout the season.


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