Friday favorites

Hey everyone and happy Friday! I am so excited to be back in the blogging world and in our normal routine. We are sharing all of our favorites with you from the last couple of weeks.

 I also shared my New Year's Resolutions this morning. You can read that post here.

Okay, now favorites...

On Christmas Eve, Michael and I took Ella to the Festival of Lights in Riverside. It was so beautiful and I did an entire post on it, which I will share Monday. Here's a sneak peek...

It was beautiful and a fun trip for our family, but be sure to check in on Monday for a complete post with lots of beautiful pictures.

Ella opened her stocking and loved her goodies inside! I bought pretty much everything at The Dollar Tree or Target Dollar Spot.

Ella also got to open her Christmas Eve basket, which we did not open on Christmas Eve since we were at the Festival of Lights and this Momma forgot.


Ella's Christmas dress is my favorite, but we had to throw a long sleeve underneath because it has been so chilly. We went over to Michael's parents on Christmas Day for a lunch together and lots of playing for miss Ella.

Right after Christmas, Ella started walking and standing... Yes that's right, we have a walker! She started December 26th and hasn't stopped since. She became obsessed with walking to the kitchen and destroying my kitchen cabinet. She already loved this activity, but walking gave her faster access to the kitchen. Up until this point, I thought she was too small for a real play kitchen, so I didn't get her one for Christmas. But once I saw her in action, I decided we would make a trip to get one.


IKEA adventure with my girl.


Ella helped me put it together and here we are!!! 

With our Christmas tree gone, it fits perfectly in this little corner of our apartment.

Over our break, we did a lot of going out to eat...

We went to one of our favorite Korean BBQ spots and had a delicious meal. Ella loves it too.

But she did get sick of me taking pictures and I think this was in indication to stop, hahaha!

We met Grandma for lunch at a delicious Chinese restaurant.

And we got some tasty Pho as well! Going out to eat is our FAVORITE and did it A LOT in 2019. One of our goals as a family is to eat at home MORE and cook our own meals.

Random grocery trips with Ella have been so much fun. Since I haven't really worked much the last couple of weeks, I have had plenty of time to do my own grocery shopping and have loved taking my stinker with me. 


LOTS of walks and trips to the park. Ella has had a lot of fun climbing and practicing her walking there. She's definitely a more confident walker at home than out in public.


 Another favorite has been walking on the sidewalk!!! She LOVES taking her walker to the sidewalk and hauling butt down the street. It's so funny and she is SO happy.


Lots of sweet selfies with Momma are always my favorite... maybe not one of Ella's.

I did some organizing over my break.

Ella and I went for a jog in the stroller to the beach.


We sat on the beach after and listened to the waves. It was so fun and such a sweet time together.

It wasn't all fun and games... Ella knows how to throw a real tantrum these days.

She was mad because I wouldn't let her push the stroller into the back of my ankles. I said "no" very calmly and this is the fact I got.

And she was just as sad when I told her not to eat the chalk...

Sigh. Tantrums consist of Ella's pout, a fake cry and then slamming her entire body onto the ground, followed by a real cry. It's insane. She's one. We are in for it guys!!! 

New Years Eve consisted of movies and pizza on the couch. Ella went to bed at 7:30 and we were asleep before midnight. Honestly, this is just as good as going out. We love our little family time.

New Years Day we had a lazy morning and around 10 left for LA to spend the day there. It was so much fun and I am doing a whole post next week on our trip to the Zoo! 

It was such a fun day as a family... Day trips are my favorite. I can't wait to share all of those pictures with you later!

Overall, it was an amazing vacation. I went back to work yesterday and have to work today as well. I am looking forward to spending our weekend PURGING our closets of all 'stuff' and doing some more fun things with our family.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Awe I love Ella's new kitchen & that shopping cart too! Yay for walking!! What a fun & perfect little break your fam had :)

    1. She loves her little kitchen so much. It was such a great price at Ikea for 50$, and I love that it is wooden and has a chalkboard on the other side! I can't wait to play house with her, hahaha! And it was so perfect, thank you! xo

  2. She is adorable! She will love that kitchen.


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