Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! This has been such a weird week... I was off Monday and Wednesday because Michael's Mom is away due to a family emergency and we have no back up sitter for miss Ella. I am always off on Tuesdays, so that meant I only worked Thursday and Friday this week. I truly loved the extra time spent with my girl... but it feels weird not working my usual shifts. On Wednesday I came down with an intense cold that leaves my whole body aching, so super inconvenient given that my only work days fell on the days that I was sick!! :(

Because we've been busy scrambling adjusting our schedules and what not, I haven't been as focused on my blog. But I did throw together a quick list of favorites from the week...


I absolutely loved spending all the extra time with Ella this week. On Monday I decided to document an entire day together and it was fun to put it together. Day in the Life posts are my favorite to read on blogs, so if you love them like me, than check out that post here.


Ella and I did some crafts together and made a few Valentine's Day cards. I love that Ella can actually help (sort of) and enjoys scribbling with her crayons. We got the crayons that are meant for little hands and they are much easier for her to use and harder for her to break!

I plan to print some pictures of Ella to include inside the cards and mail them to my parents and siblings. Any recommendations on best place to print pictures?


On Tuesday, Ella and I had a full morning of fun and it was definitely one of my favorite mornings together. We spent two hours at the park and headed to the library after for story time. Ella got to play with one of her little friends, while I got to spend some time with his Mom. 

Ella likes story time but because she is so young, she has a hard time sitting still. We sit in the back, as to not disrupt people if we have to leave early.)


Ella is obsessed with The Secret Life of Pets 2 and now when we see a dog in public, she WANTS it. This sweet pup came over to us when we were playing in the grass at the library and Ella was allllll about it. She LOVED that sweet pup and was so sad when she had to leave. 


Seeing how sweet Ella was with this pup was a sweet moment from our week.


Because I have been with Ella as her primary caregiver all week, I decided it would be a good time to try and get rid of her pacifier. The first nap without her pacifier went relatively well, she cried for a few moments but fell asleep shortly after. The first night was not as successful... she cried for 10 minutes before falling asleep and was up every few hours whining (but not crying.) The second day and night was much smoother with minimal to no crying. Thursday night was the third night without it and she didn't cry AT ALL. You guys, this is amazing as she was ADDICTED to her paci. I am so proud of her and THAT is my favorite part of the entire week. It's bittersweet because it really feels like my baby is officially a big girl.

That's all we have for favorites this week. We will be back on Monday with a recap of our weekend! 

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

And PS. If you aren't already, please follow Ella and I on Instagram. I am trying to grow our Instagram page and it has been a slowwww start. I really appreciate each and every person who stops by to read our posts. I have so much fun blogging and chatting with all of you. :)

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  1. Aw, it can be so hard to see them grow up but good job on kicking that habit! It sounds like she was ready too.

  2. Great job on getting rid of the paci! My son was much older I think, but he had a babysitter who didn't know he had one and put him to sleep without it, he did fine, so I was like ok! I guess we don't need it anymore!

    1. We decided to kick the habit early because she was soooo dependent on it. I knew it would only get worse as she gets older.

  3. So sorry you got sick, that is the worst as a mom! HOORAY for Ella kicking the paci though, proud of her & you :)

    1. She found her paci tonight and wanted it so bad... I stayed strong!

  4. Hope you're are feeling better. Ella is so cute.

    1. Thank you so much! I am feeling better. It was a really quick 2-3 day cold.. so strange!!!

  5. I found the same with my twins - weaning them off the pacifiers was not nearly as bad as we thought it would be. They completely forgot about it by the third day. Big girl indeed - well done!


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