Tuesday Talk

Hey guys and Happy Tuesday. Ella and I are linking up with Erika & Ashley for their Tuesday Talk blogging segment. Today we are talking about TODDLER ACTIVITIES!  Now I know many of you are wayyyy out of the toddler stage with your children, but think back to those days and help a girl out! I am looking for some fun activities to do with Ella at home.

We get out of the house with Ella a lot. We do many trips to the park, going for walks, visiting the aquarium etc. But I want Ella to be able to entertain herself at home too. She has endless toys, but she definitely gets bored of the same old things. We started putting some toys away in storage and rotating those toys biweekly so she always feels like she has something 'new.' This works but I still think she needs more random activities to do when she is bored at home. After doing some Pinterest browsing, I did find some great ideas of things we can do together. Check out my album below!

Please share what worked/works for your babies! We're always looking for new activities to do together and I would love your suggestions!

-Ashley & Ella 

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  1. Pinterest has a lot of great ideas. The Dollar Tree has a bunch of cheap craft items that we like to make sensory bins with. Maybe try that?


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