Friday Favorites

Hey everyone, and happy Friday! I am currently sipping coffee and getting ready for a day at the dental office. I work from 7-4 today. It's an early start to the day, but I love getting out earlier in the evening too. In normal Friday fashion, we are here sharing our favorites with you! It's a fun little mix, enjoy.

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I ordered myself some new makeup that was full-coverage enough to cover up my depigmented areas caused by vitiligo. Dermatologists recommended I try Dermablend. 

I ordered both the cream foundation and powder. Both provide great coverage, and completely cover my vitiligo. I recommended the Dermablend products if you need full-coverage makeup! 

I also ordered a new concealer for my dark circles, and after reading through many reviews, I decided on this concealer by Maybelline for only $5. This goes on thick and works amazingly well. It reminds me of IT Cosmetics famous concealer, but is sooo much cheaper.


My new camo leggings from Forever 21 are my absolute fave. We were at the mall just to kill some time and let Ella run around. We went into Forever 21, which is closing, to see if there were any good deals. Michael spotted these and knew they had my name written all over them! I am a big camo fan and you'll see me wearing it a lot.



Sunday afternoon we headed to Michael's parents for a late lunch. Michael and I left to go grab some warm treats at Starbucks while his parents took Ella for a walk. I captured this sweet moment between Ella and Michael's Mom on our way out... So sweet and a favorite pic of mine now. Ella loves her so much and we are really lucky to have them.

Also... while we ate lunch, Michael's Dad took my car out to get a wash and filled me up with gas! So blessed! 


This cookie butter. No more words needed.


Ella and I almost always go to the park by the beach, but this week we decided to test out another park that is just 2 minutes away (but not quite as walkable!) 

Ella had so much fun! We met a friend at the park, her name was Piper and she was the sweetest 2 year old. She didn't want Ella to leave! 


Tuesday Ella and I went out for another day at Disneyland. Being a passholder but with A LOT of block-out days, I am trying to take advantage of the days that we can go. We are blocked out all weekends, holidays and the summer. So for now, we are going to be frequenting Disneyland a lot (not complaining!) 

Ella used to be extremely scared of the carousel but was loving it that day. We went on it 3x throughout the day. Every time we walked passed it, Ella pointed to it and signed more. How could I deny her? So yes, three times on the carousel 🎠  

I am going to share a whole post on taking your toddler to Disneyland SOLO, so keep an eye out for that. 


Ella's obsessed with flour tortillas, and it cracks me up!!! When I was pregnant, I would literally wake up at 3 am and eat flour tortillas. It was one of the only things I truly "craved" and could eat without feeling sick. I joke that Ella loves flour tortillas because she's made of them.

That's all for favorites this Friday. I have been busy at work, so not a ton of pics this week. Can't wait to have a fun weekend with my family and to share our weekend recap on Monday! 

Have a great weekend!

-Ashley & Ella xoxo

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  1. The camo leggings are great! That is so cute that Ella signed more for the carousel!

  2. How does the Dermablend work? Is fit a very small container of foundation? I feel like I’m RARELY impressed by ANY foundations. I think ZERO have completely blown me away with coverage. I’ve tried a lot too. I have that concealer, the only thing I wish was different was the packaging. I like one with an applicator... I don’t like using my hand and a brush. Also love the camo leggings. You are so busy doing things with Ella all the time. I’m jealous, you’re making amazing memories with her. I love Maine, but the cold weather puts a damper on a lot to me. We can do more outdoor activities like sledding. But, I hate to bring her out when she has a cold. Which she has had since before Christmas... �� dang daycare and cold weather. Also you have so much to do right around you it seems. I can’t wait for spring and summer. I can’t wait to take Kaylie to the park, beach, pool, etc. I think I’d like to get her a water table for the deck too. Also has the ball pit for outside and our big water slide. Not sure she will be able to use it or not this summer? She may be too small still.
    Ethan loves flour tortillas too and I think still does. But he used to ask for them as a snack all of the time!!

    1. I like the Dermablend so far. It really provides great coverage but I bought a brush to apply the foundation. I feel like the look is more complete with the powder as well. I use a little brush from Target for 1$ for the concealer.

      I am trying to do as much with her as I can while we have time.. but you are a lot busier than me with work I think. Just do small things, like playing outside, going for walks when it's warm enough. Maybe try some coloring :) Definitely try the water slide lol. Ella can slide by herself now, so I think Kaylie will def be ready this summer.


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